Qiu Yi yells at CAI English: I will support reunification. There is a way to kill me!

 Qiu Yi yells at CAI English: I will support reunification. There is a way to kill me!

Qiu Yi (Taiwan media)

Overseas network, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) - Lin Jingyi, a member of the Democratic Progressive Partys legislative committee, recently accepted a German media visit, advocating that supporting reunification is treason, and was criticized by the island. She also resigned from the post of spokesperson of Tsai ing Wens campaign office afterwards. Qiu Yi, the candidate of the new partys non divisional legislative committee, said bluntly, I will support reunification, arrest me, check the water meter, and kill me more! He denounced that the standard of DPP was beyond the description of idiot brain.

Qiu Yi wrote on social media yesterday that Tsai ing Wen is crazy, and so is Lin Jingyi, her spokesman, according to newtalk He said that when asked about Taiwan independence may lead to Wu Tong , Lin Jingyi used the xiongsan missile to misfire and the humiliating incident of shooting through a fishing boat to emphasize that Taiwans national defense is very strong. Qiu Yi satirizes that what a naive and illogical nonsense it is, but it comes from a spokesperson of Cai Ying Wen, who is not divided into legislative committees. We can imagine that the standard of DPP is low, which can not be described as idiotic and brainless.

Lin Jingyi (source: new skull)

Qiu Yi also said straightforwardly, I will support reunification, come to catch me, check the water meter, and kill me more! Dont let Chen Shui Bian look down on it, come on He said that in his own eyes, these shit Taiwan independence are all liars, and no one dare to engage in Taiwan independence openly. Whats more shameless is that those who shout Taiwan independence and earn RMB at the same time, the so-called shameless and limitless, are those who are described.

In addition, Huang Zhixian, a senior media person in Taiwan, said that Taiwan independence forces us to be loyal to this nonexistent Taiwan independence country and forbids us to support our national reunification. This is the back of ancestors.

In addition, Ma Yingjiu, former leader of Taiwan, commented yesterday on Lin Jingyis comments, saying that this reflects the DPPs mindset, which is Treason for those who want to unify, and Treason is very serious. There are big problems with the DPPs mindset. He stressed that although Tsais spokesman later resigned, the DPP did not apologize.

Cai Yingwen (Taiwan media)

Lin Jingyi decided to resign as a spokesperson for Tsai ing Wens campaign office Wednesday, saying that her imprecise words may cause misunderstanding or exaggeration, causing confusion. Chen Yimin, the KMTs legislator, said with painful approval, is it OK to resign? Cai Yingwen should come out and make it clear whether Lin Jingyis speech represents her voice?

As for the so-called Taiwan independence, the spokesperson of the state Taiwan Affairs Office has repeatedly pointed out that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China, and that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinas territory and has never been, and will never be, a country. We firmly oppose the secessionist activities of Taiwan independence. All acts and tactics of secession are doomed to failure and will be condemned by the people and punished by history.

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