How long is the way back to 5A by Qiaos yard?

 How long is the way back to 5A by Qiaos yard?

On July 31, 2018, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued a notice saying that the quality level of the scenic spot of Qiaojia courtyard in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province will be cancelled. A stone stirs up a thousand waves.

Before being delisted, Qiao Zhiyong, a famous Shanxi businessman, left this house with a lot of bad comments: poor sanitation, inconvenient parking, disorderly display, and high ticket price Among them, the most criticized is over commercialization.

The investigation report of the Ministry of tourism pointed out six major problems: single type of tourism products; over commercialization; insufficient investment in transportation and tourism; insufficient investment in safety and health; the comprehensive management of scenic spots to be improved; and defective resource protection.

On August 7, Qiaos courtyard, which was delisted, announced that it would be closed for 10 days and launched centralized rectification. More than 4600 square meters of commercial market at the exit of the courtyard was completely demolished because of over commercialization. Up to now, 32 of the 33 problems sorted out in the investigation report have been rectified. The original stall was transformed into a tourist lounge with drinking water equipment, tables, chairs and benches. Automatic vending machines are also set up in the scenic spot to sell drinks, commemorative coins and other commodities, and the price of commodities has also dropped significantly.

On the other hand, after the demolition of the old commercial street at the exit of the scenic spot, the operator selected another site outside the scenic spot and built a new Fusheng city commercial street. Many people who had done business in the scenic spot have moved in one after another. At present, more than 140 shops planned for the commercial street have settled in nearly 70, and many shops are in the process of decoration, and a commercial street integrating food, housing and tourism is forming.

According to the measures for the administration of national level tourist resorts issued by the Ministry of culture and tourism at the end of last year, national level tourist resorts that have been cancelled shall not be declared within three years from the date of cancellation. This also means that until July 31, 2022, Qiaos courtyard will not be able to re declare 5A level scenic spot. However, whether there is 5A level or not, it is the real hard truth to continuously optimize the scenic area environment and provide high-quality services for tourists. For Qiaos courtyard, the rectification work is far from over, and when to get back the 5A license plate is still full of unknown.

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