Ten migrant workers crammed into a room to buy three steamed buns for a day

 Ten migrant workers crammed into a room to buy three steamed buns for a day

Xiao Guo and his workmates are from Shangluo Luonan. They have worked hard in Xian since September, but their wages have become a problem.

The salaried workers said, we owe 10 people more than 53000 yuan in total. Its sad that he pushes tomorrow today and the day after tomorrow

Since November 3, everyone has been on a hard way to get paid, but up to now, the hard money has not come.

The salaried worker said, we just run to the construction site and other places in a day. Without money, we cant even ride a car. We dont know when were going to start.

After more than a month, they felt powerless and confused about asking for salary. Running around during the day and living in an unheated room at night, basic life has become a problem.

The salaried worker said, we have eaten steamed bread since November 3. We have eaten three steamed bread a day, leaving 30 yuan for the whole body. We really have no way to go.

The salary didnt come down, there was little money left on the body, and the house was about to rent.

Later, reporters rushed to Xiaoguos work site and learned that they were mainly responsible for excavating the road surface and laying the pipeline, while after the contractor defaulted on his wages, the rest of the area was still in the state of excavation and shelving.

At the same time, the reporter contacted Chanba brigade of Xian labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment.

Gao Cheng of Chanba group of Xian labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment said, dont worry, since we have found the construction site, we will find the company immediately and ask for the money back.

According to the on-site verification of the staff of the labor supervision team, the project is the Xueliang project of Xian Public Security Bureau, and the construction unit is Guangdong Zhongren company. The content of the project is subcontracted layer by layer. Mr. Zhang, the foreman of the contract, works in the hands of a foreman named Duan. As for the wages of the workers, the foreman of the contract promises to be responsible to the end.

Duan, the head contractor, said: I just called to settle the living expenses for the workers. On December 31, I will go directly to the labor inspection team and give you the account and the money.

Im tired of work, but whats more tired is the way of asking for salary. After nearly four hours of coordination, the head contractor transferred a total of 2000 yuan to 10 workers as living expenses for the next few days, and he promised to settle the remaining money for all workers before December 31.

On December 31, the foreman Zhang paid off the wages of six workers, but another foreman Zhang still owed more than 30000 yuan to the workers. Finally, through negotiation, Party A of the project promises to pay the workers wages in advance.

Relevant departments remind that when working, they should sign a contract with a regular labor company and keep the attendance records during the working period. In case of wage arrears, it is convenient for the labor department to ask for help.

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