Maotai warning education conference: cutting off the benefit transmission chain from the most urgent sales field

 Maotai warning education conference: cutting off the benefit transmission chain from the most urgent sales field

Warning education to enter the brain and enter the heart by using cases around us

At the meeting, Zhuo Macai, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the group company and the supervisor of the provincial supervision commission in Maotai Group, reported typical cases of violations of discipline and laws; the cadres and staff at the meeting sat in a critical position and watched the special film of warning education.

In the warning and education film, the faces and sighs of remorse are heavy, and those who violate the rules and regulations are full of remorse, just like hammering the hearts of cadres at all levels.

Speech by Li Baofang

Li Baofang pointed out that the protagonists in todays warning films are all our people around us. Most of these violations of discipline and laws happen around us. Previous leaders and colleagues have failed to hold the bottom line, crossed the red line, and finally fell into disrepute and jail, humiliating the organization, exposing Maotai to dust and injuring the family. We must reflect deeply.

If we lose our ideals and beliefs, we will be corrupt and degenerate; if we overstep the bottom line of discipline, we will try our way by example; if we break through the boundary of Pro Qing, we will regret for life; if we confuse public-private relations, we will separate people from wealth. Li Baofang used four groups of inevitable relations to deeply analyze the root causes and profound lessons of the problem of violating disciplines and laws.

Li Baofang stressed that all cadres and workers should improve their political positions, fully understand the significance of investigating and dealing with corruption cases and carrying out warning education, fully learn lessons, start from themselves, start from small things, make self revolution and self-discipline, continue to create a good political ecology and development environment of wine, integrity and harmony, and inject a strong foundation of integrity into the stability and development of Maotai Because.

Li Jingren presides over the meeting

Zhuomacairang reports typical cases of violation of discipline and law

Dromana Jean stressed that all Party members and cadres should draw lessons from them and thoroughly study Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He always regards two maintenance as the first, first and first requirement, and always acts as a sober political man. We should shoulder the political responsibility of managing the party and running the party, deepen the root cause and root cause, consolidate the foundation of governance, promote the unity of not being corrupt, not being corrupt, not wanting to be corrupt, unswervingly promote the extension from strict governance of the party to the grass-roots level, and always be a practical person in charge. We should consciously strengthen the transformation of the subjective world, keep the bottom line of self-discipline, keep the awe of Party discipline and national law, consciously accept supervision, and always be honest and clean people. We should be self respecting, self-examination, self-warning and self-discipline, keep healthy pursuit, not indulgent, not deviant, not out of line, and always be a decent person in style. We should bear in mind the partys original aspiration and mission, stand on our own posts, focus on the overall situation, perform our duties, change our style of work and compare our contributions, and always be a leader in development.

Carry out in-depth special renovation of Maotais political ecology and keep improving

Its not far from the bright future, but its just like yesterday.

Facts have proved that we adhere to the politics and the overall situation, and thoroughly study and implement the important instructions and instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping. Under the firm leadership of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the provincial supervision committee, we must vigorously promote the struggle against corruption and become the biggest beneficiaries of special rectification. Li Baofang said.

Over the past year, through the special rectification and anti-corruption struggle, the group style has been corrected, the heart has been more aligned and the strength has been more sufficient, and new vitality has been radiated. In 2019, Maotais revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan, maintaining a healthy and strong development momentum at a new starting point.

The cadres and staff at the meeting said that after this round of special rectification, the six characters of wine fragrance, wind integrity, human harmony not only stand on the wall, but also are really engraved in everyones heart. We all really feel that the companys decision-making is becoming more and more democratic, the selection and employment of people are becoming more and more realistic, and the relationship between colleagues and manufacturers is becoming more and more relaxed. The political ecology of Maotai is getting better and better.

Li Baofang pointed out that all cadres and workers should consciously maintain todays hard won and difficult political ecology, always maintain the spirit of struggle and childishness, consciously stay away from all kinds of solicitation and corrosion, work together with everyones integrity, forge their original mission, continue to consolidate the overwhelming victory of the construction of a clean and Honest Party and the fight against corruption, and promote the all-round development from strict party governance to in-depth.

Continue to deepen the treatment of both symptoms and root out the soil of corruption

2020 is the first year for Maotai to step into the 100 billion stage, strengthen its foundation and start again. The Party committee of the group takes thinking of danger in safety and going far in stability as the work keynote, which requires all Party members and cadres to think of danger in safety and be alert at all times.

In order to ensure the stable development of Maotai, Li Baofang stressed that we should continue to deepen the root cause and root out the soil of corruption: first, we should further strengthen the leadership of the party and earnestly achieve two maintenance. Second, further strengthen ideological education and cultivate a good political culture. Third, we will further strengthen supervision and effectively enhance its quality and effectiveness. Fourth, we need to further improve the system and mechanism and effectively tighten the system cage. Fifth, we will continue to strengthen discipline enforcement and accountability, and create a strong atmosphere of self-discipline.

Li Baofang pointed out that we must continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, with a firm attitude and stand, rectify some of the past unhealthy tendencies, rebuild a clear and refreshing relationship between colleagues and manufacturers, eliminate the adverse effects of corruption cases, and continue to purify the political ecology of Maotai. We must adhere to the overall leadership of the Party committee of the group on the production, operation, reform and development of the company, fully complete the party building into the chapter of the subsidiary company, and embed the partys leadership in all areas and links of enterprise governance. It is necessary to set up the personnel selection and employment orientation of relying on quality and progress through actual achievements, truly let the person in charge bear the responsibility, let the person with achievements have a place, and practically stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of the cadres and employees for entrepreneurship. We must stick to Xi Jinpings ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics and adhere to the partys theory of moral integrity and build up the foundation of ideals and beliefs.

Li Baofang requires that leading cadres at all levels, especially the members of the team, should take responsibility for the small problems and emerging problems of the cadres and staff in charge of the field. They should often bite their ears and tear their sleeves, sweat with red faces, and recite the discipline classics. They should not be afraid of trouble or offending people. Party organizations at all levels and their main leaders should firmly grasp the profound connotation of overall and strict governance of the partys main responsibility is the first responsibility, the main responsibility and the whole responsibility, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of organization and leadership, personnel selection and employment, rectification and discipline, standardization of power, support and guarantee, inner-party supervision and demonstration, and promote the construction of a clean and honest government and the fight against corruption in their own units Go deep.

In view of the management loopholes and weak links exposed in typical cases, Li Baofang stressed that we must base ourselves on the sustainable, stable and healthy development of Maotai, focus on the key areas and key links of enterprise production and operation, dig deep into the root causes of corruption, further unify our thinking, find out the Crux of problems, develop good treatment, and practically strengthen the urgency of thinking about danger in peace and seeking stability in the future Sense of responsibility, starting from the most urgent Maotai liquor sales field, to rebuild rules and regulations, re manage business processes, reconstruct business order, with the most decisive measures, resolutely cut off the chain of interest transmission, so that discipline and discipline become the conscious compliance of employees.

Li Jingren stressed that it is necessary to highlight the system construction and seek for both the symptoms and the root causes. In view of the causes exposed in typical cases, it is necessary to establish regulations and systems specifically, close loopholes and make up for shortcomings, and build a long-term mechanism that can not be, cannot and does not want to be corrupted. We should seize the key minority of Party members and leading cadres, conscientiously implement the one post, two responsibilities, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations, continuously promote the full coverage of warning education, achieve the synchronous promotion of education leading, ear biting and sleeve biting, and accountability, continue to purify the political ecology, and promote the comprehensive development from strict party management to in-depth. We need to consolidate the achievements of the special rectification of the issue of leading cadres using Maotai liquor to seek private interests, as well as the eight aspects of special rectification of raw material procurement, major investment decision-making, series liquor marketing, etc., pay close attention to major projects, key fields and key posts, tighten the system cage, and improve the supervision mechanism.

Zhangjiaqi, Li mingcan, Zhong Zhengqiang and Liu Gang, leaders of the joint stock company, assistant general manager of the group and the joint stock company, retired leaders of the company, management personnel with three posts and one file or above in each unit, members of the leadership team of each subsidiary and overseas unit, as well as management personnel in key areas and key positions such as sales, infrastructure construction and procurement attended the warning education.