The boy leaves in winter and his parents go to bed quietly: he still has to go to work tomorrow if he cant find it

 The boy leaves in winter and his parents go to bed quietly: he still has to go to work tomorrow if he cant find it

Son ran away from home, parents did not find first to sleep, police soul torture: which is more important? (source: ~)

At 1:30 a.m. on January 2, police at Nanjing railway station of Jiangsu Province found a 10-year-old boy strolling on the square while patrolling. The child ran away from home. But the process of contacting his parents surprised the police.

The little boy, dressed in green cotton uniform and hat, shivered with cold, asked the police to help him with a temporary ID card to buy tickets.

Then, the police took him to Nanjing station south square joint service post to do temporary identification. At first, the police thought that he was accompanied by an adult, but it took a while to find out that the little boy was alone. The police realized that the boy should have run away from home alone, so they asked him to sit down first and actively communicate with him to understand the situation.

The boy said his parents were in Nanjing, and he was going to take a car to the grandma and uncles house in Bengbu, Anhui Province. However, when he was asked about his parents name, phone number and other information, he was reluctant to communicate, and seemed to be very resistant to his parents.

u2014u2014Police: where is the home address?

u2014u2014Boy: I cant remember.

u2014u2014Police: how much is the phone number?

u2014u2014Boy: I cant remember.

Under the guidance of the police, the child reluctantly wrote down his mothers telephone number. As a result, a phone call was made, but what happened after that made the police feel incredible.

Do you know your son left home? Police in the phone, and the other side obviously just woke up from a deep sleep, calmly said: I know! The police were surprised: you lost your child, didnt you find it? The mother replied, I found it, but I didnt find it, so I went to sleep. Then he said calmly that he would pick it up in time.

After more than half an hour, the boys father came. But the next scene made the police confused: unlike the parents who used to look for children, the general parents will be very excited when they see the children, immediately hug the children, and then tell the children why you ran away from home and so on, but the father is rubbing his hands at a distance of two or three meters from the children, feeling very embarrassed.

u2014u2014Police: didnt his mother come to pick him up?

u2014u2014Father of the boy: No.

u2014u2014Police: why dont you come here?

u2014u2014Father of the boy: I have to go to work tomorrow.

u2014u2014Police: is it important for children or work?

The boys father didnt seem to realize the danger of the child running away from home. He also said that the child ran away from home several days ago, ran to a university in Nanjing, and then came back. But this time they ran away from home. They didnt find it. They thought that the child would come back on his own like last time, and they had to go to work the next day, so they didnt continue to search.

Asked about the reasons for leaving home, the child said that he had run away because of some conflicts between him and his classmates at school.

In the end, the police criticized the parents way of education and asked the father to take the boy back.

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