Daily Yile: the fierce competition of car models will lead to the tragic exclusion of cute cars

 Daily Yile: the fierce competition of car models will lead to the tragic exclusion of cute cars

Concise and easy to understand

Im a good young man who cant evade money. Thats why I dont buy Super run

Now, not only Ah Wei is in danger, but also ah Du is in danger

Look at the scar on the goddesss knee. I feel very sad

Its so dazzling. I forgot to pick up the car all the way

The supermarket has cut prices, and the house man has to store some daily necessities

Anti gravity suit

People here should run fast

Salute the birth of the king!

Goodbye goodbye!

That white car is yours. Can you take me home?

I hate people in the way. Take them home and spank them

I dont know why. Its nice to watch

If you cant forget it, there will be echoes. Please stay

In the new year, we need to realize our wishes step by step

Connector overlord

Always drive or sit in the office, be sure to exercise your waist

Didnt expect to be a master?

How to ease the embarrassment

As the copilot, Id better talk less. Girls can drive as much as they like

Whats the matter? Are you carsick on the subway?

Ride a beloved motorcycle and go shopping happily

When we meet on a narrow road, Ill turn to respect

Originally, I came to the parking lot to pick up my car. I cried when I saw this scene

What else can I do? Ask her to sleep in the car

It looks familiar. Is it for an interview with a car model?

I still like beauty

Zhen u00b7 rickshaw

Yesterdays car guessing answer: VW Passat 430phev, congratulations to Yiyou, Laozis Huawei, who bought it and made it on the list~

Todays car guessing:

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Daily Yile: the seat cushion of this car is too short. How can people sit on it

Daily Yile: I didnt do etc for the sake of girl. You said no more

Daily Yile: my little sister has won the world. Why turn around

Yile everyday: Why are you still waiting to make room for Miss

Yile every day: Miss said its uncomfortable to sit in a car with too little space

Yile every day: in the moment of taking this subway, Im full of energy and working overtime

Daily e-music: VVT is a good technology. It can save fuel at a glance