77 year old professor donates 82.08 million of his life savings: scientific research has a successor

 77 year old professor donates 82.08 million of his life savings: scientific research has a successor

Professor Wang Zelin, Henan Agricultural University

Recently, the news that Wang Zelin, a 77 year old professor from Henan Agricultural University, has donated 82.08 million yuan of his life savings has attracted a lot of attention. On January 4, Beijing Youth Daily learned from Henan Agricultural University that after being transferred to Henan Agricultural University, Wang Zelin obtained three invention patents and 12 new veterinary medicine certificates successively without applying for funds, and thoroughly solved a variety of major poultry disease and epidemic prevention problems.

Not long ago, Wang Zelin proposed to donate all the surplus of 82.08 million yuan from his life-long scientific research transformation to the school.

Obtained 3 invention patents and 12 new veterinary medicine certificates

Conversion rate of scientific research achievements 100%

According to the staff of Henan Agricultural University, more than 40 years ago, intensive breeding industry rose in China, but old diseases such as Newcastle disease broke out frequently, and new diseases such as avian influenza and bursal disease of Fabricius were introduced one after another and spread rapidly, causing a large number of poultry deaths and seriously endangering the development of poultry industry. At the beginning of 1984, Wang Zelin was transferred to Henan Agricultural University, and innovatively carried out the collaborative innovation of production, learning and research, and realized the rolling development in the form of cooperation with enterprises.

In the past 35 years, without applying for funds from the state, Wang has made many achievements in scientific research and innovation. He has successively obtained 3 invention patents and 12 new veterinary medicine certificates. He presided over the establishment of a major avian disease virus germplasm resource bank, created a concentrated inactivated vaccine research and development platform, broke the foreign monopoly, and thoroughly conquered the new high-efficiency Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease and other major avian disease prevention problems, known as domestic umbrella for Chinese chicken babies.

Wang Zelin, Professor of Henan Agricultural University, also won the second prize of 2012 National Science and Technology Progress Award for his research and development project development and application of highly efficient concentrated combined vaccine of poultry disease. The Institute of agricultural economy and development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has made statistics on the project studied by Professor Wang Zelin: the achievement has created 188829 million yuan of social benefits in the calculation period of economic benefits, with an average annual increase of 15.736 billion yuan of economic benefits for the society; every 1 yuan of research cost used for undergraduate research results can increase 11% of social benefits in the calculation period of economic benefits on average every year With a net income of 5.81 yuan, the newly increased economic benefit in the past three years is 78.996 billion yuan.

At the beginning of 2014, it was learned that Professor Wang Zelins team was going to carry out the research and development of new vaccines, and four enterprises immediately funded 19.5 million yuan.

According to reports, Wang Zelins scientific research achievements have been successively produced in large-scale in more than 20 famous biological products factories in China, with the achievement conversion rate of 100% and an average annual economic benefit of more than 10 billion yuan. Wang Zelin and the independent legal entity established by him have accumulated nearly 100 million yuan of funds for achievement transfer and cooperative receipt. At present, there are two listed companies that need to pay 8% of the annual market sales to Wang Zelin and Henan Agricultural University for 12 consecutive years because of using Wang Zelins patented technology.

Purchase advanced equipment and set up innovation fund

Wang Zelin donated scientific research income several times

According to the school staff, despite the high scientific research income, Wangs personal life is very frugal. At present, Wang Zelin, 77, goes out to walk without cycling, to cycle without taking the bus, to take the bus without taking a taxi.

Wang Zelin, who is worth nearly 100 million yuan, spent his money on scientific research and public welfare. At the time of making the first 4 million yuan, Wang Zelin gradually built two experimental buildings for the school with the money, and purchased the most advanced high-speed centrifuges, ultra speed centrifuges, low-speed large capacity centrifuges, concentrators, freeze-drying machines and other advanced instruments and equipment in Colleges and universities in the province at that time.

In 2005, Wang Zelin obtained 5 million yuan from the transfer of the new drug certificate. According to the agreement, in addition to the income of the school and the college, his personal and poultry institute can receive 3.45 million yuan. After receiving the fund, he gave 2.3 million yuan to the Institute of poultry disease for laboratory construction, and the remaining money was later donated. One million yuan was donated to the branch of veterinary medicine of Chinese society of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine to set up an innovation fund to encourage young scientists to participate in the cause of avian disease prevention.

In 2015, two new drug certificates of Wang Zelin were acquired by two enterprises. According to the agreement, the enterprise will pay 8% of the annual sales to Wang Zelin as the royalty, with a term of 12 years. According to the income estimation in recent years, the conservative income in 12 years is 10 million yuan. However, in March 2019, Wang Zelin submitted a report to the school, and donated all of the parts he had allocated to him to set up the scientific research and innovation fund of the school.

Not long ago, Wang Zelin once again found the school and expressed his willingness to donate the balance of 82.08 million yuan from his life-long scientific research transformation to the school, hoping to build a high-level biosafety protection level III laboratory, known as P3 laboratory in the industry.

My achievements have been achieved under specific historical conditions. Without reform and opening up, the support of schools and colleges, and the efforts of all of you, it is impossible to achieve them. Im old, but scientific research has to be followed by someone, and the money is valuable only when its used in more needed places, Wang said

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