Midnight gunshot! Male driver refused to accept inspection. Police fired 22 shots in a row

 Midnight gunshot! Male driver refused to accept inspection. Police fired 22 shots in a row

A police patrol car was hit. (photo source: Dongsen news cloud, Taiwan)

According to reports, at 0:40 a.m. on the 4th, Nanzi branch of Kaohsiung police station was going to expand the temporary inspection. When a large number of police officers arrived at the gate of a amusement park on Xingnan Road, they found that there was a vehicle parked at the gate of the amusement park without stalling, and the front of the vehicle was facing the amusement park. The police officer on duty felt suspicious and went to check and motioned the driver to get off. But the driver refused to accept the inspection, not only did not get off, but also crashed into the police car back and forth. Three police officers on one side immediately dodged, and the police immediately fired a warning shot, even 22 shots.

Car parts scattered at the scene of the accident. (photo source: Dongsen news cloud, Taiwan)

After that, the vehicle did not stop and accelerated to escape after another two motorcycles were knocked down. It is understood that the body of a police patrol car and a detection and defense car was dented, and the police officers were not injured.

According to Taiwans Central News Agency, Kaohsiung police later found a car abandoned by the suspect in a large community. The car was riddled with bullet marks. After investigation, it was a taxi. The police checked the screen of the intersection monitor and found that the man involved in other cases had made a record in Nanzi police station, and had locked the man in full pursuit.

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