Before hanging herself in the dormitory, she worked and cried her husband: 11 hours a day

 Before hanging herself in the dormitory, she worked and cried her husband: 11 hours a day

Why female workers hang themselves is a mystery

On December 14, 2019, Nianzhi received a phone call from his niece who worked in the same factory with his wife: niyuhong died, hanging in the dormitory of the factory. On that day, he and his wife and brother rushed from Zhumadian, Henan Province to Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province.

The local police station told nyanzhi that a Red Faction committed suicide and returned the main relics of nyanzhi red, such as cell phones and bank cards, to their families. Nierge was eager to know how his wife died and why he had to go on this road of no return, but before his wife died, he did not leave a word for him and his three children.

In the video provided by the local public security bureau, Nianzhi saw that on the day of death, niyuhong worked on the job and cried bitterly, but the monitoring of the road from the factory to the dormitory could not be seen. The police at the police station explained that the monitoring facilities in the factory were not completely installed.

He told China Business Daily that in recent days, he has learned about his wifes state before her death: she used to be an inspection post in the factory, with a monthly salary of more than 5000 yuan, and then she was suddenly transferred to the thread cutting post, with a monthly salary of more than 2000 yuan. For this reason, my wife repeatedly asked for the person in charge of the enterprise, saying that the sudden transfer of posts in the factory was unreasonable, but she never got a statement. Neancher also learned that in the factory where his wife worked before she died, employees worked more than 11 hours a day, had only one or two days off each month, and had no overtime pay. More importantly, although his wife signed a labor contract with the company, the company never paid her a cent of social security.

Nianzhi issued the employment contract signed by his wife and the enterprise to the reporter. The reporter saw that the contract was marked with the employment time, type of work, salary and treatment agreed by the enterprise and nyahong, and the contract was valid until April 2020.

Family members plead that the factorys attitude is chilling

It is understood that a red company in Nigeria, whose full name was Zhejiang fansilu Clothing Co., Ltd., was located in Pujiang Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, with about 120 employees, mainly engaged in the production of clothing. By the time of her death, she had been working in the companys inspection post and thread cutting post for 20 months.

The reporter of China business daily tried to call Huang Shenglin, legal representative and general manager of Zhejiang fansilu Clothing Co., Ltd., but he couldnt get in touch. Later, the reporter came to the Management Committee of Pujiang economic and Technological Development Zone where the enterprise is located to learn about the situation. The relevant person in charge of the Party Working Committee of the management committee told the reporter that after learning about this, the personnel of the management committee and the person in charge of the enterprise had done the pacification work of a red family member of Nigeria at least twice.

Ni told China Business Daily that Huang Shenglin never showed up in the pacification work, but arranged a Chen surnamed person as a representative to contact with them. However, the communication between the two sides is not smooth. The enterprise representatives think that female workers commit suicide, have no relationship with the enterprise, and the enterprise will not take any responsibility. At the same time, the representative of Chen surname admitted that the company did not pay social security to nyohong and was willing to compensate the family members for the unpaid social security money; in addition, for humanitarian reasons, the company was willing to compensate the family members for part of the transportation and accommodation costs.

But neancher insisted on finding out the cause of death. How could it have nothing to do with the business? He couldnt think.

When arriving at Pujiang for the first time, the company will arrange the accommodation for Nianzhi and his wife and brother. If the negotiation fails, the company will inform Nianzhi to move out of the accommodation arranged by the company immediately. Other expenses are not borne by the company, neancher told China business daily. If you feel that our compensation is unreasonable, you can tell.

For the firms tough attitude, neancher felt cold and helpless. He suffered from severe kidney disease and has been unable to work for several years. His familys income mainly depends on his wife who works outside. Two of his three children are under age and still need to be raised. His wifes affairs have not yet been dealt with. A red mother from his hometown in Henan Province went to the hospital after learning that her daughter died, and her wife left only 800 yuan in total. Nyanzhi told China Business Daily that he did not know how to face all this.

Whether there is a relationship between the death of a female migrant worker, Ni, Hong, and the enterprise, whether Zhejiang fansilu Clothing Co., Ltd. is suspected of illegal employment, how can the enterprise appease and protect the migrant workers who have an accident? The reporter of China business daily will follow up the report further.

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