Women wearing energy stone radiate about 100 times a day

 Women wearing energy stone radiate about 100 times a day

When it comes to radiation, is the first thing that pops up in your mind is the X-ray detection in a leaking nuclear power plant or hospital? However, the recent inspection of Dalian customs found that the danger is lurking around us in a seemingly healthy way.

Dalian Zhoushuizi airport customs staff found that a flight from Japan, a passenger security check, triggered a nuclear radiation instrument alarm. The staff stopped the passengers and tested one by one. A round golden stone plate was found in a young passengers backpack.

According to the Chinese characters on the gold plate, it should be called five element proton quantum energy resonator. The young girl with the stone plate introduced that her mother spent 400 yuan to entrust her friends to buy them to keep her safe and healthy. They heard that this is a rare deep-sea energy stone with magical effects.

The peak radiation dose of this so-called energy stone has reached 112 micro Sievert per hour, nearly 1000 times higher than the natural radiation standard. Generally speaking, taking this stone with you for one day, the total radiation is equivalent to nearly 100 chest X-ray examinations. In the latest complete list of carcinogens released by the World Health Organization, the thorium-232 element contained in this energy stone is also listed as category 1 carcinogen.

Dalian Zhoushuizi airport customs staff: at that time, we saw that the girls face was not very good, that is, she was pale. Later, after the girls own recollection, she said that the three months with this stone often had nosebleed without any reason. We suspected that it was related to this stone head.

Zhang Hongbing, Deputy customs chief of Dalian Zhoushuizi airport, said: the wearer not only harms himself, but also radiates one radiation to the people around him, which will also harm others. Fortunately, the radiation radius is not very large. For example, if we leave the stone for half a meter, our measurement will be normal.

At present, in addition to dizziness and nosebleeds, girls also need to undergo one to six months of medical observation to confirm whether there is any other damage to their health. After the staff popularization, she gave up the energy stone, which was stored in the lead box by the Customs Department, waiting to be handed over to the local environmental protection department.

The year before last, Dalian Customs intercepted a piece of Leishi, which was brought back from Japan by a passenger. The radiation value was 850 micro Sievert per hour, more than 6000 times higher than the standard. The traveler said he planned to cut the stone into small pieces and make it into health bracelets. In April last year, Dalian customs also withheld 18 fuel saving cards. Businesses claim that the card, with the so-called negative ion reaction technology, can reduce fuel molecules and put them on the car, which can save fuel. But in fact, the nuclide radiation of the card is also over 60 times. In addition to purchasing from overseas, some domestic e-commerce companies are also selling similar magic goods.

After testing, the main components of these negative ion powders are thorium, uranium, radium and other radioactive elements, but they are claimed by businesses to have the functions of purifying air, promoting metabolism, enhancing disease resistance, and even someone will mix them into water and spray them at home. Scientists worry that once dust particles are eaten into the mouth and inhaled into the lungs, they will become internal radiation, which will lead to a greater risk of cancer. There is no shortcut to health, not to mention relying on crooked ways, regular life style, reasonable diet structure and adequate physical exercise, which are the only methods of scientific health care.

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