Mans house is full of caves and stalagmites

 Mans house is full of caves and stalagmites

A familys decoration video is on fire in Liuzhou, Guangxi

Its like a cave!

Liuzhou citizens build a cave homeu201c

The owner of the house is Mr. Cai, a citizen of Liuzhou.

On the morning of January 2, the reporter came to his home, first of all, he saw a large number of striking cave style elements, stalactite, stalagmite and stone pillar effect lifelike.

Reporters found that in the wall stalactite installed in the spotlight, the floor tiles also installed a few spotlights. The light from the spotlight is directed on the stalactite, and the whole cave is more artistic.

Mr. Cai introduced that in addition to creating the artistic effect of cave, there is also a fog maker. When the fog making is turned on, the whole wall will present a cave effect surrounded by fog.

The basic decoration of the house has been completed. In addition to the local use of the living room cave style modeling, the rooms, kitchens and other places are in the conventional decoration style.

Mr. Cai said: only when half is done and half is left, can you feel at home. If all is made into a cave, there will be no taste of home.

Want to decorate in the way you like

Cai said that before the reporter contacted him, he had no idea that his home decoration video had been posted online. He also said that he is engaged in landscape design work, and the decoration of the house is all designed by himself.

Why do you put your family in this style?

Mr. Cai said that he had decorated two suites, both of which are conventional decoration. After living for a long time, he felt bored. He happens to be engaged in art work, so this time, he wants to decorate in the way he likes.

Some netizens are worried about whether stalactites will fall down?

Mr. Cai said that the decoration was solid and there was no potential safety hazard. There are keels in these shapes. The cement is applied on the basis of the keels, and finally the color is applied to form them. And the shape of each column is completed by the hands of workers.

For this cave decoration style house, netizens have talked about u2193

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