RMB 1.34 million and US $1575 all fell on the high-speed railway! The woman is broken

 RMB 1.34 million and US $1575 all fell on the high-speed railway! The woman is broken

At 9:20 this morning, Ms. LV, who arrived at Yiwu Railway Station from Yixing, Jiangsu Province, received a colorful backpack from Wu Dandan and Zhu Qianwen, passengers at Lei Feng service desk, the window of the shopping mall, and thanked the staff constantly.

This seemingly ordinary backpack belongs to Mrs. Lus mother, aunt Zong.

Ms. Lus home is in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Her parents usually work and live in other places. Two days ago, they went to the hospital in Nanjing, the provincial capital. At 1:19 yesterday afternoon, aunt Zong and her wife took the g1897 high-speed train from Xian north station to Yiwu station in Nanjing south station to return to Yixings home. At 2 p.m., the train arrives at Yixing station, and the two old people walk together to leave the station directly.

Shortly after leaving the station, aunt Zong suddenly called out. Uncle Lu came to see something important! That colorful backpack hasnt been taken down! Theres a lot of money in the bag, passport passbook and other documents. Therefore, aunt Zong immediately asked 12306 Railway Customer Service Center for help.

After receiving aunt Zongs help, 12306 railway customer service center immediately gave instructions to Xian passenger section where she took the train. Zhang Xiang, the conductor of g1897, who is making an inspection tour in the No.7 carriage of the train, received the instruction from the dispatching room of Xian passenger transport section to help find the luggage left by Aunt Zong on the train immediately.

After a while, the steward arrived at Aunt Zongs seat and found that there was a double shoulder bag with the same design and color as aunt Zongs description on the luggage rack. So the train staff took off the backpack and counted it.

After checking, it was found that Aunt Zongs bag contained a large number of important items such as cash, passbook, bank card and certificate. Zhang Xiang, the conductor of the train, immediately reported to her superior and contacted aunt Zong, telling her that the bag would be delivered to the Yiwu Railway Station where the train ended.

The lost and recovered aunt Zong finally calmed down her mood and immediately asked her daughter to book a ticket for the high-speed railway to Yiwu in the morning of the next day.

This morning, Miss LV, the daughter of the owners aunt, took the high-speed rail to Yiwu station in a hurry. When opening this bag, all the people present were shocked: there were 20000 yuan of cash in the bag, 5 RMB certificates of deposit totaling 1.32 million yuan, 2 U.S. dollar and pound certificates of deposit totaling 1575 U.S. dollars, 12 bank cards, 8 bankbooks, 1 passport, 2 ID cards, 1 medical card, 2 citizen cards, 2 social security cards, invoices of inpatient medical records and other important items. The whole bag is 1.34 million yuan, 1575 dollars in foreign currency. Its amazing!

My mother saw that the bag was gone, the whole person collapsed, couldnt breathe, and seemed to have a big stone in her heart. Now she is relieved. Thank you. Before leaving, Ms. Lu said with all her strength.

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