Elevator failure, woman holding baby falls from 27th floor to the first floor, manufacturer: normal phenomenon

 Elevator failure, woman holding baby falls from 27th floor to the first floor, manufacturer: normal phenomenon

Duan in Guiyang with her 1-year-old child

When you take the elevator home

The elevator suddenly failed

Directly from the 27th floor down to the first floor!

MS Duan is scared

Ms. Duan lives in building 30, Jinyuan international new town community. When the accident happened, she was in the elevator with her child, ready to go from the first floor to the 27th floor.

Ms. Duan: we went from the first basement elevator to the 27th floor. Without opening the door, the elevator suddenly began to fall. I heard the sound of the chain on the elevator, I quickly pressed all the floors below the 27th floor, but it didnt work. The number above is 27 all the time, and it also shows a down arrow.

Although Ms. Duan pressed all floors below the 27th floor

But the elevator is still at the speed of 100 meter dash

Down to the first floor!

Fortunately, after arriving at the first basement

The elevator door finally opened

Miss Duan comes out with her baby

Mother and son havent responded yet

Its like nothing happened to the elevator

Resume running

This sudden scene scared Ms. Duan to death. She was afraid to say that she didnt know what to do when the accident happened.

Community residents told reporters

The elevator that broke down

Not for the first time

That morning

Another owner experienced a similar situation

Community owner: from the 19th floor to the 1st floor, when the elevator goes down to the 16th floor, it reversely rises to the 22nd floor, and then descends to the 14th floor to stop. The door opening button fails, and the elevator door cannot be opened. At that time, I was in a state of panic and only resigned to my fate.

Duan said that their community was built in 2008,

Its been 11 years now,

She thinks it should be a failure of the elevator after aging,

Especially in recent years,

Elevator failure becomes very frequent.

Every time they call the property, they say they will actively deal with it, but there is no result. Its like he called in the morning, and thats what happened in the afternoon.

Ms. Duan also expressed her concern, Im lucky that Im a young man. If the old man loses weight in it all of a sudden, there may be a matter of life and death.

On the evening of January 3, during the interview with reporters, the elevator in trouble was still in operation. Before long, the staff of property management company and elevator company arrived at the scene.

Chen mengbing, a staff member of the elevator company, explained that the situation encountered by the owner is a normal phenomenon, which belongs to the automatic protection mechanism of the elevator. When the elevator detects the problem of its own data, it will automatically correct the operation. During the corrective operation, the elevator will run from top to bottom to the lower floor, but this is not a fall.

After the incident, they also immediately went to the scene to check the elevator. At present, they have not detected any hardware failure of the elevator.

Chen mengbing, maintenance director of Guizhou xinhouhang Elevator Sales Co., Ltd.: there will be no safety accident. It will not affect the safety of human life.

Reporter: according to what you said, the elevator has a corrective operation. It thinks it has a problem. So why dont you have a problem detecting it?

Chen mengbing: we are still in the process of observation. This elevator happens frequently. Now we are observing it. Because this elevator has been used for a long time, some of its soft faults need to be observed for a long time.

After listening to Chen mengbings explanation, Ms. Duan still has some worries. She is worried that the elderly cant bear such weightlessness when taking the elevator.

After communication, the property management staff of the community said that they would invite a qualified company to test the elevator again. At the same time, we will inform each household of the problems of this elevator, and let them choose whether to take it or not. Ms. Duan said she was willing to wait for the new test results.

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(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) (); note: when the elevator is in a crash, it is necessary to quickly press all the floor buttons from the lower floor to the upper floor, so that when the emergency power is started, the elevator can stop falling immediately. Source: responsible editor of Guizhou Radio and television station: Shi Jianlei

Note: when the elevator suddenly falls, it is necessary to quickly press and light all the floor buttons from the lower floor to the upper floor, so that when the emergency power is started, the elevator can immediately stop falling.