Video of beheading general Yi exposed CNN: trump bet American life

 Video of beheading general Yi exposed CNN: trump bet American life

Us beheading video exposes CNNs gambling on American life with Trumps ignition in the Middle East (source: Netease video)

Alahad television station, a subordinate of Irans Holy City Brigade, announced the image of the moment when Sulaimani, a senior general of Iran, was bombed on the evening of the 3rd. Surveillance video from Baghdad airport shows a rocket hitting a row of cars parked at the airport.

Earlier, other media released live videos of the attacks. In the video, the car body has been completely destroyed.

American media: the United States will add 3500 troops to the Middle East

On January 3 local time, President trump of the United States issued a brief statement, saying that the United States took action to stop the war, not start the war.

The United States will send 3500 more troops to the Middle East and deploy them to Iraq, Kuwait and other regions, NBC, the US media, quoted the Ministry of defense and the military as saying Wednesday.

Iranians take to the streets to protest

Iranian people took to the streets to mourn Sulaimani, protest against the United States, and tear and burn the American flag.

u25b3 protesters hold pictures of Sulaimani. Source: BBC

u25b3 Iranian people burn American flag photo source: BBC

The assassination raised strong questions

The trump administrations assassination not only aroused strong condemnation from the international community, but also caused controversy at home.

The shock and wide-ranging impact of this operation will not be overstated, said Petraeus, the former top U.S. military commander in Iraq

Dalia dasa Kaye, director of the center for public policy in the Middle East, questioned the purpose of the trump administrations actions: what is the purpose of the United States trying to achieve? If the goal is to reduce Irans intervention in the region and reach a better nuclear agreement, its hard to say how much this will help.

Bolzu dalagasi, visiting senior researcher of the Middle East Project of the Atlantic Council of the United States, believes that the assassination of Sulaimani is meaningless provocation because Iran will choose a tougher and crueler successor to retaliate against the United States

Democrats in the U.S. Congress accused trump of the decision and called for restrictions on the presidents power because the air strikes did not inform Congress.

In a statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused trump of engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions that further put the lives of American soldiers, diplomats and others at risk.

Trump owes Congress and the public an explanation for Iran, said SHIV, the Democratic leader of the House Intelligence Committee

Trumps assassination has also aroused widespread doubts from foreign media.

CNN reported that trump ordered the killing of Iranian intelligence leaders. Its his dangerous gamble - his own political career and many others lives.

Reported that trump inspired assassinations put the United States in danger of open conflict. If the comprehensive war is triggered, the security and economic situation of the United States and even the world will be impacted.

Reported that because Iran is easy to launch attacks on soft targets, for Americans, the Middle East and even Europe have become very insecure.

BBC sends out soul torture: is trump strategic in killing Sulaimani?

u25b3 screenshot of BBC report

Trump is not a strategist, the report quoted pjcrowley, a former assistant secretary of state, as saying. He lives in the moment, acting on intuition. It would be surprising if he thought about the consequences.

Expert: the United States cant walk away

Regarding the possible consequences of the US assassination, Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of international studies, said that the binding between the US and the Middle East is based on historical and practical interests, and the US cant just go. On the one hand, the U.S. military spending has increased substantially; on the other hand, the U.S. has let it say that it wants to withdraw its troops from the Middle East, which is paradoxical.

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