Yu Mofans deep breath together hot shot: my motto is to reward the diligent

 Yu Mofans deep breath together hot shot: my motto is to reward the diligent

A few days ago, after the completion of the love comedy three marriages arouse your heart, which was joined by actor Yu Mofan, he put himself into the shooting of the new play deep breathing together, playing TASI in the play. Compared with Li Ke (played by Yu Mofan), who seems to have a simple mind and developed limbs, but in fact has a delicate mind and can help his family, TASI is the most different one of his many roles.

At the same time, Yu Mofan is also a drama actor of Jiangsu performance group speech theater (Jiangsu Peoples Art), this identity makes me proud, and I can exercise my business and improve my ability on the stage and screen at the same time. At the same time, Yu Mofan teaches in Nanguang College of China Media University, so that he can sort out his professional cognition and better recognize himself. On the actors way, he left a mark with a piece of work. Gao maokuan, the character in the TV play national treasure brigade, fought with Ren Hongyi (Liu Ye) to his death. At last, he regretted receiving the boxed meal, which left the audience with regret and fresh memories, and just entered the audiences vision.

In the TV series your legend is in danger, I once again cooperated with Mr. Zhu Yongteng and got to know director Huang Weijie. When I played the role of Junyan Takeuchi in the play, director Huang Weijie helped me a lot. Pu Jiao, the villain of Lingyu, and Li Ke, the center of three marriages arouse the heart of the king, are two very different task images, leaving a lot of expectation for the audience. For Mo fan, its his job to play a good role, but the encouragement of the two directors made him excited for a long time. Liang Guoguan, the director of Lingyu, gave me great affirmation; and three marriages made me meet director Huang Weijie, which made me like a fish in water.

Yu Mofan, who was born on August 20 in Qingdao, was modest and eager to learn. When he was very young, he went to learn quyi (Shandong express book and fast blackboard script) in Juyan country. He liked it and took part in a competition once. He was the judge at that time and later the master. He was the second generation successor of Shandong express book, Juyan country, and accepted it as his apprentice. From then on, he set foot In 2006, he was admitted to the performance major of Nanjing Art College.

During the period of school, I have been focusing on the study of performance major, and I have been in the rehearsal hall with several better students every day. Among them, long-term filming work has also been invited, but for fear of delaying their studies, they were finally rejected by Yu. After graduation, he has a good image of 185cm (75kg), but he has no direction to explore for a long time, and finally the opportunity is always left to the hard-working people. In 2011, Mo fan got the opportunity to practice in Jiangsu performance group theater, and formally joined the troupe in 2013. In a chance to know the actor, Mr. Teng Aixian, recommended the first drama of his life, lonely goose, in which he acted as Du Weiping. Its a very good beginning for me to have the honor to play an opponent with the actor, Mr. Cheng Su, Mr. Zhu Yongteng. Yu said that he has become an actor since then.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie