Some people in the island take advantage of the fall of Black Hawk to engage in conspiracy theory, and are criticized: is there human nature?

 Some people in the island take advantage of the fall of Black Hawk to engage in conspiracy theory, and are criticized: is there human nature?

On the evening of the 3rd, Taipei 101 building was lighted to mourn the death of Taiwan soldiers in the crash of Black Hawk. Taiwans Zhongshi e-news said the scene made many people in the island nose sour.

But on the Internet, conspiracy theory and political manipulation show another ugly side. After the crash of the Black Hawk, Yingfen (Cai Yingwen) wrote on his face that the victim was the commander of the highest military command system of the Taiwan military, less than 10 days before the election. The situation was very serious. It was difficult to know whether the chief of staff of daoshen had an accident or whether the whole incident had external intervention before the responsibility was clarified. More people exaggerate, the KMT and the Communist Party rumors attack has begun.. This operation is not to be seen. Huang Shixiu, an energy expert in the island, asked, is Xiaoyings net army enough?? This time is still with the wind, stir fried mango dry (sense of subjugation homophony), in the end there is no humanity? !

Some people point the spear at Ma Ying Jeou, saying that Black Hawk was bought by Ma during his ruling period, and criticizing the Black Hawk crash as a good thing for Ma Ying Jeou. When asked about the voice on the Internet, Zhu lilun, the former chairman of the Kuomintang, shook his head and said that at this time we should not attack and accuse each other politically. Luo Zhiqiang, a member of the Kuomintang Taipei City Council, wrote on Facebook that he should ask the DPP why it didnt say Black Hawk was wrong with the US?

Chen Shui Bian, the former President, also jumped out at the last moment before the election. He claimed in his Facebook post that there must be a lot of conspiracy theories or untruthful statements that would impact the election, asking South Korean Yu not to sprinkle salt in the wound. South Korean Yu recently mentioned the 3.19 shooting at the political debate, pointing directly to Qiu Yiren, the then Secretary General of the presidential palace. Chen Shui Bian went north to the local prosecutors office on March 3 to sue Han Guoyu, claiming that if he did not, there would be no justice in the world. His Facebook post was choked by netizens, get back to prison, and youre throwing salt..

But in the island caused more public anger, is 3 announced the resignation of Tsai English campaign office spokesman Lin Jingyi. In an interview with the voice of Germany, she previously declared that Taiwan had become an independent country and said that long-term plan should be taken to change its name. Yesterdays war changed the country number? When Taiwans Zhongshi e-news asked, when the whole Taiwan mourned, did a spokesperson of Tsai ing Wen camp speak arrogantly about officers and soldiers who could afford to die? Cai Zhengyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Kuomintang, said in a Facebook note on the 3rd that after Lin Jingyi resigned, it was still the DPPs non divisional legislative committee. Did the resignation of the spokesman end the case when he made such a speech of political struggle during the military funeral?

Rescue workers search and rescue at the scene of the helicopter crash Tuesday (photo source: Taiwans Central News Agency)

The flight data recorder (black box) of the wrecked helicopter Black Hawk was found on the 3rd. According to the pictures released by the Ministry of national defense of Taiwan, the appearance of the orange cuboid black box is basically complete without obvious damage. Black box was sent to relevant institutions for data interpretation, which is expected to be completed on the 4th. Taipeis local police department also sent officers to the scene of the accident on March 3 to investigate the cause of the accident as soon as possible. According to Taiwans China times, the Black Hawk helicopter has been in service in many countries and regions for nearly half a century, but there have been at least 10 accidents in the past five years, including two in Taiwan.

Mark mili, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, issued a statement Tuesday, expressing condolences on the death of Shen Yiming and others. According to the US Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Shen Yiming is the main figure in coping with the coercive strategy of Chinas mainland against Taiwan and in deterring the mainland through necessary procurement and training.. On March 3, the New Taipei Inner Lake Pavilion of the American Association of Taiwan flags at half mast.

Yu Muming, chairman of Taiwans new party, said Wednesday that physicists had raised several questions, including that the propeller of the helicopter in the crash had stopped swinging in the air and then fell upside down to the ground. He said that it is up to a third party in Taiwan to investigate whether the design of the Black Hawk helicopter is safe and initiate a claim against the United States, so as to ensure the security of armaments and get justice for the dead. Lin Mingzheng, vice chairman of the new partys cultural and publicity committee, said the accident showed that the military was a high-risk occupation. Tsai ing Wen slashed the retirement salaries due to the veterans and should apologize to them.

National defense is one of the main achievements of Tsai ing Wens re-election campaign, according to a report from Taipei by the Singapore United morning post. Some analysts pointed out that Taiwans military aircraft accidents have been frequent in recent years, highlighting the serious problems of related training and lack of personnel. In response, netizens in the island left a message saying, the screw is loose, its time to change the commander of the third army.

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