Zhang Ziyis total cost of American production is estimated to be nearly 7 figures

 Zhang Ziyis total cost of American production is estimated to be nearly 7 figures

Some netizens revealed the hospitals charge list, and roughly estimated that the total cost of Zhang Ziyis birth, from waiting for birth to sitting for a month, might exceed seven figures.

It is reported that Zhang Ziyis hospital is located in California, the cost of one night is about 2500 US dollars. Zhang Ziyis daughter woke up and was also born in the hospital. In addition, Beckhams wife, Qin Shupei, Qi Wei and other stars also gave birth in the hospital.

According to the list of hospital expenses exposed by netizens, the total cost of the hospital is about 11000 US dollars to 13800 US dollars, equivalent to nearly 100000 yuan. Caesarean section costs between $15500 and $16200, or about 120000 yuan.

The monthly fee is not lower. The monthly center near the hospital provides the full package service of the single villa. It is reported that the rent of the single villa is 35000 US dollars, about 250000 RMB. If you ask for the services such as the monthly sister-in-law and the chef, there will be an additional charge, about 50000 US dollars, about 350000 RMB. If Zhang Ziyi enjoys all the services, from waiting for delivery to production and sitting, the total cost will be in advance More than 800000. If other supplements, nannies, transportation and other miscellaneous items are included, the total cost is expected to be close to 1 million.

Congratulations! Zhang Ziyi announces the birth of a second child in the sun

On January 3, Zhang Ziyi released a picture of her family and baby to announce the good news of new years days safe birth: we have one more child in our life, and since then our world has another happy care! This is the most beautiful New Year gift from heaven. Thank you

Wang Feng thanks Zhang Ziyi for giving birth and disclosing details: on January 1, she delivered 7 Jin and 2 liang

Zhang Ziyi announced the birth of her second child. Wang Feng was excited to send a message to express his thanks. It was revealed that Zhang Ziyi gave birth on New Years day. Her son weighed 7 Jin and 2 liang, and her mother and son were safe! He also said that he would accompany his wife in both deliveries, hold her hand tightly and praise his sons loud voice.