Worry about us Iraq war being conscripted into the US youth crowded paralysis military service official website

 Worry about us Iraq war being conscripted into the US youth crowded paralysis military service official website

The US media published an article to refute the rumour, explaining that the boy who has registered for military service for applying for School Subsidy does not mean that he has filled in the voluntary enlistment order. Source: screenshot of CBS website.

According to reports, under U.S. law, anyone who wants to apply for benefits such as federal grants and student loans, or to work for the federal government, must first complete the registration on the official website of the military service registration bureau. Originally, in peacetime, this was only a formality necessary to let the government know the total number of domestic military service population and other information.

However, with the US air raid, the situation of war with Iran has increased dramatically, World War III has also become a hot keyword for social media. There are more rumors on the Internet that boys who have registered for military service in order to apply for school subsidy will fill out voluntary enlistment order. Worried young people rushed into the military service registration bureaus official website to check, causing the website to crash. In addition, the number of dodge draft searches has also increased in a short period of time.

The military service registration bureau tweeted on the evening of January 3 local time: due to the spread of false information, our website is currently experiencing high traffic. If you want to register or inquire, please try again later.

A number of US media rushed out to refute the rumours, pointing out that such concerns were superfluous. Due to the actual recruitment system of the US Army, it has a standing army of 1.2 million; the last recruitment of working men dates back to 1973. If it is to be implemented again, it must be signed by Congress and the president.

However, this does not mean that military service registration can be evaded. According to US law, all male citizens aged 18-25 and male immigrants without citizenship are required to register for military service within 30 days after they reach the age of 18. If they fail to register, they can be fined a maximum of 250000 US dollars or serve five years.

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