Socks and underpants can be washed together: 100 health tips for Chinese people

 Socks and underpants can be washed together: 100 health tips for Chinese people

2. Foot stickers and all kinds of detox stickers are deceiving. They can also be pasted on the forehead to make the printing hall black.

3. Hands and feet are cold, which has nothing to do with the cold of the palace and the cold of the body. It can be cured by increasing the temperature of air conditioning and heating, exercising more and drinking more hot water.

4. The main components of overnight water and boiled water will become H2O. Its drinkable, no poison. A sip of overnight water can breed bacteria.

5. When flushing the toilet, it is better to cover the toilet cover to prevent the bacteria from overflowing. I really dont want to build it. Its not a big problem.

6. No matter how thick the old fire soup is, it doesnt supplement calcium. Seafood, animal viscera and other high purine foods are eaten too much, and it is easy to cause gout.

7. The leftovers can be put into the refrigerator while it is hot, and it is easier to breed bacteria when it is put out for a long time.

9. All the food treatments in the world cant cure diseases. Only eating fat meat can satisfy this point.

10. Its not sanitary to put a plastic bag in the bowl and use disposable chopsticks at the roadside stall.

11. The pillow is not used to pillow the head, but to hold the back neck and keep the normal physiological curve of the cervical spine.

13. People dont have to sleep eight hours. It is normal to sleep for 6-9 hours every day, which varies from person to person.

14. Except for a few gifted people who only sleep 4 hours a day, the risk of sudden death will be increased by the long-term lack of sleep of ordinary people.

15. Physical examination radiation and security inspection radiation are both ionizing radiation, which is harmful. The reason why they wont cause cancer is that the radiation is very small; mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers and mobile base stations are all electromagnetic radiation, and there is not enough evidence to prove that they are harmful.

16. There is no need to take medicine for a cold. It can heal itself, which is an incurable disease. Tylenol, Baijiahei and other drugs can relieve fever and pain, relieve cold symptoms, and the effect of various granules is equivalent to hot water.

17. Oral ulcer is also an incurable disease, which can heal itself. Taking vitamin B orally can relieve the symptoms of oral ulcer, but the side effect is that it will make you lose appetite.

18. Drinking without health care, no matter red wine or white wine has no safe dose, may increase the risk of oral cancer, pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer.

19. Do not use eyedrops casually. If you use them for a long time, use artificial tears without preservatives. Close your eyes and rest to relieve eye fatigue.

20. Warm feet before going to bed can help sleep, but it cant cure the disease. People with heart disease or hypotension, crural skin ulcers or wounds should not soak their feet.

21. Boys trousers are too tight, and their eggs will be heated when they are close to their bodies. Hot water bath and sauna will affect the delivery quality of Ding Ding.

22. The analgesic effect of moxibustion is not as good as that of ibuprofen, but the toxic gases such as formaldehyde and PM2.5 produced by combustion are far more harmful than indoor smoking.

23. The sweat evaporated by sweat is mostly caused by the water vapor in the air contacting your skins liquefied water, which cannot be detoxified. And those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not sweat.

24. Ejiao, jujube, angelica, birds nest and red ginseng do not replenish blood. People with iron deficiency anemia can replenish blood by eating more animal viscera and iron agents.

Health care

26. Negative ion sanitary napkin, negative ion cushion, negative ion socks, negative ion warm pants and negative ion powder all have radiation. Do not use them. Negative ion blower and air purifier are safe.

27. all private gel, powder and cream in private place, free hand and shade are all deceptive.

28. Cervical erosion is not a disease at all and does not need treatment.

29. Breast hyperplasia is not a disease at all, nor is it equal to breast cancer. Dont take hormone drugs by yourself, let alone find someone to massage with essential oil, which will increase the risk of breast cancer.

30. The safest way to prevent breast cancer is regular physical examination (mammography screening) and timely reexamination.

31. Please put down your obsession of gathering underwear and steel ring underwear. Chest sagging, not the pot of underwear, is the pursuit of gravity and the non retention of breast ligament.

32. Washing will be even more unhealthy. Do not use all kinds of private lotion without doctors instruction, otherwise it will easily damage Yin channels acid-base environment, resulting in flora imbalance.

33. Boys need more washing. The more washing, the healthier.

34. Dont sit long at ordinary times. In addition to hemorrhoids, long-term congestion of the prostate will lead to prostatitis and other diseases, affecting physical and mental health.

35. Dont try to stuff the urethra! Dont try to stuff the urethra! Dont try to stuff the urethra! You will not get any pleasure except the smile of the urology nurse.

36. Most premature ejaculation is a psychological factor and does not need to be treated with drugs. But most of the healthy food (health food and health word) that boasts invigorating the kidney and invigorating the Yang have no effect or contain hormone, and the side effects may lead to the decrease of butylene.

37. Mens life expectancy is indeed shorter than womens, but staying away from alcohol and tobacco, staying healthy and exercising can make you live longer statistically.

38. Smoking is harmful without any benefit. Besides lung cancer, it may also lead to bladder cancer.

39. The death and teratogenesis of HPV are rumours. If you have the conditions, you can get nine prices. If you are over the age, you can get four prices or two prices. In short, no nonsense, we must fight.

Gonorrhea and syphilis are not difficult to talk about. Find a proper hospital and it will be cured in a few days.

41. Tens of millions of postures, safety first, do not wear a suit today, child Scorpio, is a mouse, college entrance examination in 2038.

42. Girls can safely and boldly take short acting contraceptives. Under the guidance of doctors, they can also be used to relieve dysmenorrhea and treat acne.

43. But boys are not allowed to take short acting contraceptives to treat acne.

45. The aunt of normal people only has 20-60ml, one or two mouthfuls of water; the cycle of aunt of normal peoples Congress is 21-35 days, lasting for 2-8 days. Once in a while, the quantity is less and its delayed. Dont make a fuss.

46. Painkillers are the great invention to save the girls aunt. The side effects are not as terrible as people say.

47. Brown sugar water, warm palace paste, warm baby and hot water bag can also relieve dysmenorrhea. The principle is the same as drinking hot water, but the effect is far less than that of painkillers.

48. Drink less hot water of more than 50 degrees, it is easy to burn the esophagus and increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

49. Aunt can wash her hair and take a bath. Change the clothes frequently, or the bacteria will live together in the underpants for four generations.

51. Menstrual blood is not dirty at all, not to mention detoxification. Its all pumped out from the heart. How can it be divided into high and low?

52. Its deceitful for a great aunt not to eat fat. Eat more chocolate, sweets, hot pot, the same will be fat.

53. Tampon, the second great invention to save the girls aunt, will not destroy the hymen.

55. Painless abortion will hurt, doctors will hurt your heart, and parents will hurt your heart. Girls, please take good care of yourself.

Sports fitness

56. Orthodontics will not have the magic effect of plastic surgery. Unless you have a very serious bucktooth bulge.

57. Wisdom tooth extraction does not change face shape. Pulling wisdom teeth is not bone cutting!

59. Exercise can only temporarily improve the metabolic rate of the body. The basic metabolism is determined by your genes, age and muscle content.

60. Its very difficult for girls to train into Barbie. If you practice Lin Daiyus quantity, you dont need to hold Schwarzeneggers heart.

61. The only effective method of local weight loss in the world is liposuction. But there may be various risks after operation.

62. For normal people, the only way to lose 5 jin a day and 20 jin a month is to amputate.

63. The more perspiration, the more fat burning and consumption.

64. The body shaping belt cant correct the hunchback, and the waist cant be skinny. Wearing a corset for a long time will oppress the internal organs, resulting in dyspnea, dyspepsia and so on.

65. Squat does not have thick legs at all, no squat, no hips.

67. No matter what water you drink after getting up in the morning, as long as you drink a lot of water, it can promote defecation. Drink honey water to promote defecation, because sugar is too high to stimulate your gastrointestinal peristalsis.

68. There is no thinner food in the world, except ice water.

69. A cup of 600ml sugar free milk tea with the heat equal to 2.5 bowls of rice. A cup of tea with milk cover of 600ml, the heat is about 4.9 bowls of rice. Does milk tea without milk cover have soul

70. Lose weight and eat meat. Especially to eat chicken breast, lean beef, egg white and other low-fat high-quality protein.

71. You dont need to give up rice, steamed bread and carbon water completely to lose weight. What you need to control is the overall intake.

72. Eating salad with salad dressing, high sugar fruit and zero fat beverage as rice will only make you fatter.

74. A bottle of sugary drink a day increases the risk of death. Juicing will destroy the dietary fiber in fruit, and dietary fiber is the meaning of eating fruit!

75. Meal meal meal meal meal meal meal porridge can not be replaced by meal meal meal. Eating meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal.

76. Whether you eat breakfast or dinner has nothing to do with the effect of weight loss. The point is how much you eat in a day, not how many meals you eat in a day.

77. Whole wheat bread is not necessarily lower in calories. Some whole wheat foods are bad and have higher calories than ordinary ones. If its not whole wheat flour at the top of the ingredients list, its not whole wheat food.

78. Breakfast cereal with fruit has more calories than any junk food.

80. The beauty salons postnatal pelvic repair is a scam. Its better to go out and turn left to the gym and exercise more.

Skin care

81. The main functions of external skin care products are moisturizing, sunscreen and cleaning.

83. You dont have so many dirty things on your face at all. You dont need a strong makeup remover or a facial cleanser to clean your face.

84. The best anti-aging product is sunscreen, which should be used in cloudy days with thin clouds all year round.

85. Any external skin care products cant help your skin replenish water deeply.

86. Donkey hide gelatin, birds nest, peach gum, flower glue, birds nest and pigs hoof cant effectively supplement collagen. Eating too much will only make you fat.

87. All household radiofrequency beauty instruments are tickle, except those with micro needles. But please go to a regular hospital and find a professional doctor to operate, because it will hurt and bleed.

89. the functions of mask are usually moisturizing and moisturizing, and other functions such as whitening, anti aging, pulling and tightening are basically deceptive. (Note: Mask here refers to patch).

90. Skin care products do not cure acne. To cure acne, you need to see a dermatologist.

91. The damage of staying up late to the skin cant be saved by expensive skin care products.

After the age of 30, beauty comes from money.

94. Most of the high-tech beauty products that start with nano, quantum and stem cells are deceptive.

95. Ladies, please ignore the above 14 items directly. Its important for you to be happy.

96. There is no evidence that hair dyes can cause cancer.

98. Baldness can be saved by hair transplantation. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. A full head may need up to 200000. If the budget is not enough, you can also consider changing your hair style or buying a wig.

99. Scraper, wax and depilatory cream can depilate, but the long-term effect is not as good as laser depilator (because they have no long-term effect HHH).

100. Laser depilation can also be used in shy places, as can boys. However, depilation is not recommended because they help ventilate and reduce friction.

Huang qiongzhen, graduate student of Neurosurgery, Southern Medical University

This paper has been reviewed by he Yibai, master of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Zeng Xiangru, dermatologist and Zhao Yingxi, clinical medicine graduate of Oxford University

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