Praise the strongest voice of new China

 Praise the strongest voice of new China

2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year.

Standing at the historical intersection of two one hundred year goals, the propaganda and ideological front is guided by Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, enhances Four Consciousnesses, strengthens four confidence, achieves two maintenance, and consciously takes up the mission of raising flag, gathering peoples heart, cultivating new people, promoting culture and developing image, striving to write a new era. u3002

Build up the potential and carry forward the past. The cause of the party and the state is advancing at a new starting point. The propaganda ideological front adheres to upholding integrity and innovation, carries forward patriotism, stirs up efforts to win the comprehensive well-off society, and concentrates on promoting reform and development.

The call of dream is inspiring, and the step of striving is solid and powerful!

The propaganda and ideological work has been constantly strengthened to promote all the people to closely unite in ideals, beliefs, values and moral concepts, and further stimulate the strong spiritual power of the whole Party and the whole society to do business.

Raise the banner of thought and consolidate the foundation of spirit

The key to how far a country or a nation can go is how far ideas can go.

Over the past year, the propaganda and ideological front has taken learning and publicizing and implementing Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as the primary task, so that the banner of the party is flying high in the propaganda and ideological front.

On June 29, 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China printed and distributed the regulations on publicity work of the Communist Party of China. The main and basic inner party laws and regulations in this propaganda field fully implement Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, and raise the important idea of general secretary Xi Jinpings propaganda and ideological work to the system, and become a must follow in the propaganda and ideological work in the new era.

Deepen learning and education, and promote arming the whole party with the partys innovative theoryu2014u2014

Great practice can not be separated from the guidance of scientific theory. Since the launching of the theme of never forget the original mind and remember the mission, cadres at the county level and above have placed a book entitled Xi Jinpings learning outline of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Xi Jinpings learning outline of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era has been published for half a year, with circulation exceeding 73 million volumes. It has become an important guidance book for Party members and cadres to better understand Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Looking back on the brilliant course of 70 years in the face of new Chinas development, it also produced 12 sets of supporting animated micro videos to enable theory learning to move up. Popular

At the same time, Xi Jinpings new era socialism with Chinese Characteristics Research Center (courtyard) has been pushed forward, and has become the leader in the study of the partys innovative theoretical achievements. The national key Marx school has increased to 37, and has become the highland of theoretical talent cultivation.

With a series of solid and effective measures, the propaganda ideological front provides strong support for the partys great learning and creates a strong atmosphere.

Since June 2019, the whole Party has vigorously carried out the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission. It is an important goal to gain in theory learning. Sit down, calm down, read the original book and understand the principle. Infiltrated with the taste of truth, the more shiny the original heart, the more clear the mission.

Strengthen propaganda, let the partys innovation theory spread more widely and deeplyu2014u2014

In the past, the family used to have a shop, but now the elderly and children have their own house; in the past, they used to go out and work by coach, and now every family has a car... In xiawoquan village, Qinshui County, Jincheng, Shanxi Province, Chen Yufeng, a 63 year old peoples preacher, spoke of the new changes in rural areas in the new era and new life with his own eloquence. In our words, its about our people. We are willing to listen to and understand such propaganda. Said Zhang wucai, a villager.

We should publicize the partys latest policies in the form of grounding, and spread the partys theory to the hearts of the people in vivid mass language. Propaganda groups at all levels and all over the country, into the countryside, into enterprises, into schools, into communities, so that the partys innovation theory is well known, and the partys good voice is sung in every corner of the grassroots.

In order to guide the broad masses of cadres and masses to unite their thoughts in Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and to consolidate their power into the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the work of news and public opinion has been making great efforts over the past year.

General Secretary Xi Jinpings concerns about peoples livelihood, reliving the changes entrusted to see and other topics show Xi Jinpings general secretarys style of governance and peoples feelings in an all-round way. A new column of new era and new chapter has been launched to launch a large number of reports that are thoughtful, deep and grounded, and the brand effect should continue to appear. The party newspapers such as peoples daily, truth seeking and so on have been upgraded, and the mainstream ideological and public opinion positions have been strengthened.

The popularization of theory should be carried out to make the partys innovative theory fly into the common peoples homeu2014u2014

In 2019, the platform of learning power became popular. Read articles, watch videos, answer questions With more than 143 million registered users, it has rapidly become a gas station at the fingertips of Party members, cadres and masses.

From this platform, we can see the latest instructions and requirements of the party, as well as the advanced experience of other places. We feel that we have a wide range of knowledge and strong ability to lead the masses in their work. Wei Xingling, Secretary of Weiyuan Village Branch of Tancheng County, Linyi, Shandong Province, who is nearly 60 years old, said.

Getting through the last mile of publicizing, educating and serving the masses is an important sign of the reality of theoretical popularization.

In baijiaqiao village, yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, small mailboxes are hung in every household. Every month, villagers will receive family letters from the new era civilization practice station of the village. The key activities and the latest policies are clear at a glance.

At present, the pilot of new era civilization practice center has expanded from 50 to 500, becoming the spiritual home of grassroots people. Local and county-level financial media centers have strengthened resource integration, with a coverage rate of over 81%, and completed the last kilometer political contact at the grassroots level.

We should focus on innovation, focus on practice, propagate ideological work, and promote the partys innovative theory learning to go deep, go to the real and walk in the heart, so that Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era will take root and root in the hearts of the people.

Surging patriotism and gathering great power

My motherland and I cant be separated for a moment; no matter where I go, there is a song of praise... In 2019, a song I and my motherland was sung all over the country.

Along with the moving melody, the mass theme publicity and education activities of my country and I have been carried out in an all-round way, arousing the great enthusiasm of loving the party, patriotism and socialism. People deeply feel the sonorous sound of a countrys courageous progress and the dazzling brilliance of a nations self-confidence.

Focusing on the theme of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China, the propaganda and ideological work held high the great banner of patriotism and sang the high melody of praising the peoples Republic of China and striving for a new era.

Its an exciting event.

The heroes of iron armour roll forward and fall into the sea. The read officers and soldiers walk with sonorous steps and majestic military power. The marchers are excited, happy and proud On October 1, more than 200000 soldiers and civilians celebrated the 70th birthday of the Republic with a grand military parade and mass March, attracting worldwide attention and cheering.

CCTV has launched 70 hours of uninterrupted live broadcast, with a total viewing volume of more than 1.7 billion times. For the first time, 4K ultra high definition signal has been directly connected to the cinema line, live blockbuster has been broadcast simultaneously in 70 cinemas across the country, all of which are full. The patriotic enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of Chinese people has reached a climax, and the resonance from the bottom of their hearts is surging.

The grand ceremony of the country has set the most beautiful picture in 2019, blooming the bright brilliance of forge ahead, and stirring the patriotic feelings of unity and struggle.

Looking back at history, we should be firm and confident.

Golden autumn, Beijing exhibition hall. Hundreds of ethnic minority visitors dressed in costumes came here to visit the brilliant achievements in the great course - large achievement exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China.

Pictures and objects will bring people into the time tunnel to review the historical footprints. The Chinese nation, one family, will build the Chinese dream together! Many members of the visiting group shouted out their voices when taking photos.

Since its launch on September 23, the number of on-site visitors has exceeded 3 million, and the number of online visitors has exceeded 100 million. The audience left a speech: in the past 70 years, earth shaking changes have taken place. As a Chinese people, they are very proud and proud. They should pass on the national spirit and the spirit of the times from generation to generation.

Eulogize the times, stir resonance.

Shanghai Lane, a story of parting, takes the audience back to the exciting historical moment when Chinese womens volleyball team won the title in 1984 This is a scene from the movie my country and I. Every little I and my motherland are closely related in the historical moment, awakening the deep-rooted memory of the global Chinese people.

Driven by three domestic blockbusters, I and my motherland, China captain and climber, the box office of more than 5 billion yuan and 88.6 points of film satisfaction during the National Day created the strongest national day file in history; the large-scale music and dance epic fight for the Chinese people was praised as building a monument for the people, creating a biography for the new China and singing for the new era; the documentary feature film we are on the road u300bVivid presentation of 70 years of glorious history

In the past year, a large number of excellent works have sprung up in the literary and art front to eulogize the party, the motherland, the people and heroes, recording the progress of the times and reflecting the peoples aspirations.

Go on the journey again, and write about great changes.

Xibaipo at the end of March is full of spring. Journalists from nearly 100 media gathered here, and the large-scale theme interview activity of magnificent 70 years, striving for a new era was officially launched.

In the early spring of 70 years ago, the Young Communist Party of China went all the way north to Beijing to catch up with the examination. 70 years later, journalists began to explore the red heart in their starting place and began to do research and interview. They went to the old revolutionary base areas, along the border, and the hot land of innovation to explore and show the development and changes of the Republic.

In midsummer, the news media gathered again in Hongdu, southern Jiangxi. Following the pace of the Red Armys Long March, the theme of reporters on the long march covered more than 16000 kilometers and launched more than 10000 first-line reports, with a total reading volume of nearly 2 billion times.

Cultivate foot power, eye power, brain power and pen power. The news front tells the 70 year struggle with steadfast style and fresh style of writing, and plays the 70 year magnificent song with integrated communication and full media expression!

The peoples daily and Xinhua News Agency continuously broadcast and published the signed articles of Manifesto, such as the road is like iron, the right way is the vicissitudes of life, the long wind and waves will break sometimes, with strong repercussions; 700 words say 70 years, 70 seconds say 70 years and other columns, with small cuts witnessing great development; H5 product 56 ethnic costumes are your choice!! Show your patriotic style, screen swiping circle of friends Sympathetic resonance leads to interaction, and patriotism is surging in the land of Shenzhou.

Cultivate new people and build up faith.

In the second half of 2019, the outline for the implementation of the construction of citizens morality in the new era and the outline for the implementation of patriotism education in the new era were issued successively. The ideological front was publicized as a starting point to widely promote the core values of socialism and run patriotism education through the whole process of national education and spiritual civilization construction.

Xiangjiang has no words, and its spirit will last forever. After the opening of the memorial facilities for the long march of the Red Army in Xiangjiang, the number of visitors exceeded 1.7 million in just three months, showing the power of faith.

Zhang Fuqing, who has been famous for 60 years, and Huang Wenxiu, who has given his life for the masses to get rid of poverty The deeds of the most beautiful fighter touched countless Chinese people. Under the guidance of major models and moral model publicity and demonstration, good people and good things around us are constantly emerging, and all the people are closely united in ideology and spirit.

In 2019, the situation changes.

The world is in a great change that hasnt happened in a century, and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is in a critical period. The ideological front of propaganda has the overall situation in mind, grasps the general situation and focuses on major issues, adheres to unity, stability and encouragement, focuses on positive publicity, better serves the overall situation of the work of the party and the state, strengthens confidence, gathers the hearts of the people, warms the hearts of the people, and builds unity.

In the past year, focusing on the central work of the party, the economic propaganda has been full of colors and highlights, depicting a new picture of Chinas stable economic development and high-quality development, and shouldering the responsibility and mission of promoting reform and development.

With the increasing downward pressure on the economy, the interweaving of old and new contradictions in China, and profound changes in the external environment, how can we solve the doubts and solve the doubts and do a good job in economic publicity in the complex situation? How to boost confidence and morale and call on the whole nation to work together to overcome difficulties?

Propaganda and ideological front, in-depth propaganda and interpretation of the spirit of the central economic work conference, focusing on the implementation of the new development concept, doing a solid job in the six stability work, with strong facts, detailed data, vivid cases, comprehensively showing the good situation of sustainable and healthy economic and social developmentu2014u2014

Key progress has been made in the three major battles, important steps have been taken in reform and opening up, and supply side structural reform has continued to deepen By strengthening the propaganda and guidance of economic situation, the basic trend of Chinas economic stability and long-term improvement is revealed. The Chinese economy of flying against the wind shows its vigorous and strong strength and aftereffect. The Chinese economy of flying against the wind shows its strong and vigorous strength and strength. The Chinese economy of flying against the wind shows its strong and vigorous strength and strength. The Chinese economy of flying against the wind. The Chinese economy of flying against the wind shows its ecological painting Promote high-quality development research line delves into innovative practice and typical experience, adds new impetus to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair and more sustainable development, consolidates and expands the achievements of blue sky defense war, and night economy has unlimited potential throughout China Focus on peoples livelihood hot spots, let the world feel the Chinese temperature and confidence in the new era.

In the past year, in the face of the complicated international situation, the propaganda ideological front has been brave enough to shine a sword and be good at speaking out. It has taken a clear stand in upholding truth and firmly refuted fallacies.

At the end of the second decade of the new century, the international situation is complex, and unilateralism, protectionism and bullying have seriously impacted the international order.

In the face of the counter trend of individual countries to start a trade war, the news media take the initiative to make a voice, objective voice, tell the truth and be honest. The theory of favorable tariff collection can be put to rest, the theory of American reconstruction of China can be put to rest, the theory of Chinas compulsory transfer of technology can be put to rest A series of bell articles and todays China reviews use facts to talk about and warn people rationally.

In the face of the practice storm in Hong Kong, it is essential to expose the conventional tactics of some Western politicians and intervene in Hong Kong affairs under the banner of human rights and democracy, which is to disrupt Hong Kong and contain China. A fair and accurate news report and a fair and objective voice of public opinion are well founded and hit the nail on the head.

In the face of gross interference in Chinas internal affairs with Xinjiang and Tibet related issues, China and foreign media briefings and press conferences have been held for many times to introduce the brilliant achievements of Tibets democratic reform in the past 60 years and Xinjiangs peaceful liberation in the past 70 years. Three white papers, such as Xinjiangs fight against terrorism, de radicalization and human rights protection, some historical issues in Xinjiang, vocational skills education and training in Xinjiang, and documentary films, such as Chinas Xinjiang anti terrorism front and behind the scenes - East Iraq movement and Xinjiang terrorism , have been organized and published to fight back against the stigma of the West with iron facts.

No matter the clouds flying, confidence is as solid as a rock!

He that is pure is pure, and evil does not oppress. At the critical moment, we unified our thoughts and reached a consensus.

The national network security publicity week was launched nationwide, the sixth World Internet Conference was successfully held in Wuzhen, the regulations on Ecological Governance of network information content was issued, and special governance actions such as net net, sword net were carried out

With the increasingly clear cyberspace, the cultivation of a positive, healthy and upward looking network culture is accelerated, and the Internet is running healthily on the track of rule of law.

With abundant positive energy and high theme, we have built a concentric circle between the Internet and the Internet, making the Internet the largest variable to become the largest increment of business development.

Show the charm of China and win the worlds attention

To meet common challenges and move towards a better future, we need not only the strength of economic science and technology, but also the strength of cultural civilization. In May 15th, at the Asian civilizations dialogue conference held in Beijing, President Xi Jinping profoundly expounded the role of civilization in promoting the world.

The conference, which was initiated by President Xi Jinping personally, and attended by guests from 47 Asian countries and five continents, fully embodies Chinas respect for the diversity of civilization. The grand Asian Culture Carnival and the colorful Asian civilization Week activities contain the concept of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness.

Looking back at the interaction between China and the world in 2019, whether it is a pioneering Asian civilization dialogue conference or the world horticultural exposition, which is the beauty of the green life of all peoples, whether it marks the one belt and one way International Cooperation summit of one belt and one road construction from great freehand brushwork to fine brushwork, or the Expo of welcoming the five continents and the world. A series of home diplomacy activities are dazzling and become the shining business card of China in the new era. The propaganda and ideological front uses home diplomacy to carry out external publicity. It interprets the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech by multi angle and multi lingual propaganda. Foreign media sincerely praised: all roads lead to Beijing!

Home diplomacy makes the world feel the charm of China, and the spread of ideas makes the world feel the wisdom of China.

In Frankfurt International Book Fair, Germany, the largest publishing industry exhibition in the world, the German and English versions of Zhijiang new language were launched. More than 5 years ago, it was here that Xi Jinpings talk on governing the country was first published in many languages, and attracted widespread attention from the international community.

Zhijiang Xinyu and Xi Jinping talk about governing the country are based on the same profound world outlook, with historical depth and global perspective, which opens a unique window for readers to understand Chinas revival process. Said Martin alblow, a member of the British Academy of social sciences.

A story is worth a dozen reasons. Telling Chinese stories is the best way of international communication and an effective way to enhance the influence of Chinese culture.

In the past year, movies and TV plays, online literature and books with Chinese characteristics have gone abroad to show the world the Chinese style of the new era. The domestic movie the devil child of Nezha was released in North America, Australia and other places. Foreign media commented that it gradually broke the monopoly of Europe, America and Japan on animation films; mainstream bookstores in Canada, Thailand, Germany and other countries opened Chinese theme bookshelves to meet the needs of local readers to understand China through reading

With the telling of wonderful Chinese stories, let the world know more about the real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, and also provide the wisdom key for mankind to create a better future.

When the law returns to spring, everything begins to renew.

The curtain has been opened in 2020, and the 13th five year plan has come to a successful end. The long cherished dream of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way is about to be realized.

History is moving forward, the times are calling, and the people are looking forward to it.

Adhere to the principle of innovation, dare to take responsibility, and strive to create a new situation in propaganda and ideological work, playing the strong voice of the times!