Irans key generals were killed. What was their successor?

 Irans key generals were killed. What was their successor?

(Ismail Carney. Source: IRNA)

Who is Ismail Carney?

According to information released on IRNA, Kani joined the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard in his 20s and served in different divisions before becoming the head of nasr-5 division. According to IRNA, these experiences demonstrate his ability and qualifications as a senior commander.

During the eight years of war with Iraq, he served as the head of nasr-5 division and imamreza-21 division of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard respectively. In 1997, Kani was appointed deputy commander of the Holy City Brigade by Rahim Safavi, then commander in chief of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and Kasim Sulaimani was appointed commander.

IRNA described the commander as saying: he has always adhered to the principles of the Islamic Revolution and has spared no effort to achieve its aspirations. The loyal commander also played an important role in many military operations and brought victory to the Iranian nation.

(Ismail Carney. Data sheet)

In the early hours of the 3rd local time, the U.S. military launched a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport, killing general Sulaimani, commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard in charge of overseas operations. In a series of responses from Iranian leaders on the 3rd, they mourned for Sulaimanis martyrdom, lashed out at the atrocities of the United States, and vowed to severely retaliate throughout.

Referring to the impact of personnel changes on the Holy City Brigade, Khamenei said that the Holy City Brigade policy will remain unchanged. The policy of Al Quds is exactly the same as that of Sulaimani. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their cooperation with Commander Kani. I wish them success, recognition and guidance.

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