Us air strikes kill senior Iranian general Iran determined to retaliate

 Us air strikes kill senior Iranian general Iran determined to retaliate

Irans president Hassan Rouhani tweeted on the same day, condemning the killing of Sulaimani by the US military as a heinous crime and saying that Iran would retaliate; Irans foreign minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif said that the US air strikes in Iraq were terrorist acts and violated Iraqs sovereignty.

In addition, the Iranian government summoned the charg u00e9 daffaires of the Swiss Embassy in Iran to protest against the US air strikes. After the U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980, Switzerland represented the U.S. interests in Iran.

Iraqi capital Baghdad International Airport was attacked by three rockets on the 3rd, and several people were killed in Sulaimani and Abu Mehdi muhandis, deputy commander of Iraqi Shiite militia group peoples mobilization organization. The U.S. Defense Department later confirmed that the U.S. military carried out the air strike in accordance with the instructions of President Donald Trump, and identified Sulaimani as actively planning to attack U.S. diplomats and U.S. soldiers in Iraq and the Middle East, and approved the plan to impact the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

Hours after the air strikes, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq announced the closure and suspension of consular services, while urging all U.S. citizens to leave Iraq immediately.

Al Quds is the overseas operation branch of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, which participates in the fight against the extremist organization Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. The Prime Minister of the caretaker government of Iraq, Adil Abdel Mehdi, issued a statement Wednesday, saying Sulaimani and muhandis are symbols of the victory over the Islamic state. The US Assassination of them is an act of aggression and a violation of Iraqs sovereignty, which may trigger devastating Wars in Iraq, the region and the world.

Abdul Mehdi accused the U.S. air strikes of violating the relevant provisions of the U.S. - led multinational coalition forces in Iraq, and called on the national assembly to convene an emergency meeting to take measures to safeguard the dignity, security and sovereignty of Iraq.

Hassan kabi, deputy speaker of the national assembly of Iraq, later said that the assembly was scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the 4th to discuss the US air strikes and take decisive measures to end the US military presence in Iraq.

Iraqs joint operations command issued a statement of mourning for Sulaimani and others, pointing out that the U.S. air strikes violated Iraqs sovereignty and violated the terms of the U.S. garrison agreement.

The U.S. military now has about 5000 troops in Iraq, in the name of assisting in the training of Iraqi troops and serving as military advisers, as well as fighting against terrorist organizations.

In addition, Syria condemned the US air strikes, saying that the US actions may aggravate regional tensions; Hezbollah, supported by Iran, issued a statement to mourn those killed in the US air strikes.

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