Three questions: why is it more expensive to use etc?

 Three questions: why is it more expensive to use etc?

One question

Why do a few toll stations have congestion, and the amount of individual vehicle charges is abnormal?

The Ministry of transport replied: at present, the national expressway has only been connected to the grid for 3 days, and the system operation in some areas is not stable enough, which needs further debugging and improvement.

In response to the problem of congestion in a few toll stations, the Ministry of transport said: in the promotion of station withdrawal and grid connection, the Ministry of transport has required each toll station to reserve at least one manual / mixed lane at the entrance and exit direction to meet the needs of manual toll vehicles. Recently, it was again stressed that all regions should make reasonable adjustments according to the proportion of traffic volume to ensure the rapid passage of vehicles. That is to say, when there is a serious backlog of vehicles at the exit of manual toll collection and etc lane is unblocked, some mixed lanes can be used for manual toll collection and etc vehicles, so as to relieve the queuing pressure.

In response to the abnormal amount of individual vehicle charges, the Ministry of transport said that all localities should adhere to the principle of giving priority to traffic and never allowing the interests of freight cars to be damaged. They should release the vehicles first, investigate and deal with the problems after they are clear. At the same time, all localities are required to contact with the parties at the first time, investigate and verify the situation, make a voice at the first time and handle it properly in a timely manner. If it is true that the charge is wrong and excessive, it must be refunded in full. At present, technical teams have been organized around the country to tackle key problems with all their strength and speed up improvement and improvement.

In addition, in response to the problem of ambulance being charged, the Ministry of transport said: ambulance vehicles do not belong to the range of vehicles exempted from vehicle tolls as stipulated in the regulations on the administration of toll roads. According to relevant policies and regulations, after the abolition of provincial toll stations, the new requirements for the integrated operation of national highways have been cleared and standardized. The Ministry of transport has asked all traffic departments to contact hospitals, first aid centers and other units to install etc for ambulance free of charge.

Two questions

Why do some private car owners find that the highway toll is higher than before?

The Ministry of transport replied: in theory, the toll standards of passenger cars around the station before and after the station withdrawal have not changed, and the payable toll will not change. However, the original toll system charges according to the shortest path, while the new network toll system charges accurately according to the actual path of vehicle traffic, and the toll of a small number of vehicles may rise.

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In other words, in the past, the toll collection system was not intelligent, only knowing your entrance and exit on the highway. When charging, it was calculated according to the shortest path between the entrance and exit.

But now, etc gantry equipment is widely installed on expressways across the country, and there will be an etc gantry in a few kilometers. In this way, the toll system can know your actual route on the highway. The charging amount of vehicles passing through a single etc gantry shall be calculated according to its mileage and charging standard, and rounded to points according to the rounding rules. After the vehicle gets off the expressway, the toll amount that should be paid is the sum of the toll amount calculated through the etc gantry.

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Prior to that, the relevant departments of Beijing made a detailed explanation on this issue at the media communication meeting on December 27 last year on the cancellation of highway toll stationsu2014u2014

According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of transport, the new highway toll system was officially put into use at 0:00 on January 1, 2020. There will be several changes in the toll cost, including: accurate toll, no longer rounding, three, seven for five round toll, accurate to 5, 10 yuan, but etc accurate to points, MTC accurate to yuan; according to the actual driving path billing, truly reflect more road users pay more, less road users pay less.

Beijing authorities said: while the overall burden of vehicle tolls has declined slightly, some road sections and export tolls will change, with some rising and some falling. Take the car going out of the city via Beijing Kaifeng Expressway to the direction of Huangcun as an example. If it drives out at the exit of Gaomidian, it will be about 9.4km in total, 5 yuan according to the past standard toll. If it is about 4.7yuan according to the precise toll rules, the toll will be reduced. If it drives out at the exit of Jinhua temple, it will be about 11.8km in total, 5 yuan according to the past standard toll. If it is about 5.9yuan according to the precise toll rules, the toll will be reduced There will be an increase.

Three questions

Why do many truck owners feel that the highway toll is higher than before?

Ministry of transport response: This is mainly due to the fact that since January 1st this year, when trucks pass the highway, the toll will be adjusted from the weight based toll to the number of axles (models).

Why change? The main reason is that charging by vehicle type is conducive to improving the traffic efficiency. Since 2004, in order to curb the problem of over limit and overload of freight cars, China has begun to implement the weight charging for freight cars, which has also played a limited role. However, due to the need of parking and weighing, the freight cars traffic efficiency at the exit of expressway is affected to a certain extent. And charging according to the model, that is, no matter how much cargo is carried by the same axle type truck, it will pay according to the uniform standard, so that the truck can pass quickly without stopping.

So, after the change, is the charge high or low? The answer is that it may be lower or higher, with a case by case analysis.

Before the reform, the transportation and other departments have issued a notice, requiring all regions to take the total weight of vehicles and goods weighted by mileage as an important basis, to achieve two guarantees: to ensure that the overall burden of freight vehicle toll is not increased, and to ensure that the payable toll of the same toll vehicle in the standard loading state is not greater than the toll when the toll is calculated. That is to say, when the same truck is loaded with goods, the axle charging standard will certainly be lower than the weight charging standard, and in the case of half load or even no load of the truck, the charging may be higher than before.


Taking the new toll standard of Expressway published by Henan Province as an example, the toll standard of 6 types of trucks (6-axle trucks) is 45 yuan / time for the original 2 yuan / ton bridge tunnel. After conversion, when the trucks are under no-load-load 22.5 tons, the toll is higher than before, and when the trucks are 22.5 tons-load 49 tons, the toll is lower than before.

It should be said that the switching of these two charging methods is related to the game between owner and road owner: if the vehicle is charged according to the full load (that is, the charge under the condition of full load of the original truck is converted into the standard of charging according to the axle), then the owner suffers losses and the expressway company gains profits; if the vehicle is charged according to the empty load, then the situation is reversed, and it is not fair to the builders and investors of the expressway.

In order not to increase the burden of car owners on the whole, and not to reduce the revenue of expressway companies sharply and increase the risk of debt repayment, it is necessary to find a balance point between full load and empty load. Take the improved bridge and tunnel section in Henan Province as an example, the local balance point is 45.9% load rate (22.5 tons / 49 tons).

At present, the balance point determined by different expressways in all provinces, districts and cities is not the same, and the determination of charging standard also belongs to the local authority. However, the Ministry of transport has said that it will organize efforts to conduct in-depth research and Analysis on the rate adjustment schemes in various regions, urge them to strictly implement them, and realize that the freight car charging standard is at least 10% lower than the full load. It is forbidden for all regions to take the opportunity to raise the charging standard and increase the burden of freight cars.

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