Why the United States is so stable and ruthless to eliminate the iron face general of Iran

 Why the United States is so stable and ruthless to eliminate the iron face general of Iran

The U.S. Defense Department later claimed the attack, which was personally ordered by President trump.

Pentagon, Department of defense. Pictures from the Internet

According to the analysis, after the attack on the US embassy in Iraq, the US side immediately carried out the attack in the name of retaliation. Iran may take the opportunity to use the Shiite forces in the region to find trouble for the US. The game between the two countries in Iraq and the Middle East is intensified, not going to war, but trouble keeps on..

Precision attack

Iraqi joint operations command issued a statement on the same day that Baghdad International Airport was attacked by three Katyusha rockets and two cars were burned.

Iraqi peoples mobilization organization spokesman Ahmed ASSADI confirmed in an interview with Iraqi television on the 3rd that Sulaimani and muhandis were killed in the attack and accused the United States and Israel of being responsible for it.

Kassim Sulaimani, commander of the Holy City Brigade under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran. Pictures from the Internet

Sulaimani is one of the most influential military figures in Iran. He is in charge of the overseas operations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and often shows himself in a tough manner, known as the iron face general.

Irans Foreign Minister Ali Zarif said Wednesday that the United States has taken international terrorist acts aimed at the most effective force in the fight against extremist organizations such as Islamic state, and the United States will be responsible for all the consequences of this incident.

On the evening of the 2nd Eastern time, the US Defense Department issued a statement confirming that Sulaimani was dead, and the order of attack came from President trump.

The statement also said that the attack is aimed at deterring Iran and eliminating its future attack plans. The United States will continue to take all necessary actions to protect American personnel and interests globally.

Before the Pentagons statement, trump tweeted at the sea lake manor in Florida, about an American flag without words.

America wont fight

Liu Zhongmin, a professor at the Middle East Research Institute of Shanghai Foreign Studies University, believes that for the US, the recent attack on the US embassy in Iraq is likely to remind people of the unpleasant past - the Iranian hostage incident.

It is hard for the United States to accept the repeat of the past. This time, it has a tough response to Iran. One of the major considerations is to appease the country so as to avoid the negative impact of the attack on the Embassy on the presidential election in 2020.

In November 1979, Iranian students rushed into the U.S. Embassy in Iran and detained U.S. diplomats for 444 days. The incident was one of the long-term tensions and hostility between the U.S. and Iran, and was regarded as affecting the re-election campaign of U.S. President Carter.

On October 25, 2019, President trump of the United States addressed the media in Washington. Shen Jizhong

Shi Yan, an assistant researcher at the Chinese Academy of international studies, said the trump administrations extreme pressure on Iran failed to achieve the expected effect. By accusing Iran of being the black hand behind the US embassys attack, it is conducive to diverting domestic attention from the presidential impeachment case.

Shi Yan believes that despite tensions between the United States and Iran, the trump government has no intention of sending troops to the Middle East again. It is difficult for Washington to form a consensus on the use of force in Iraq, and European allies who abide by the Iran nuclear agreement will also strongly oppose it. Therefore, it is expected that the trump government will continue its existing policy towards Iraq in the future, that is, mainly adopt economic sanctions.

Liu Zhongmin said that from the perspective of U.S. Middle East policy, the U.S. is still relatively convergent, and will not rashly launch a war or a big fight against Iran, but only locally.

However, the Shiite armed forces in the Middle East have played an important role in fighting against the Islamic state. The United States recently attacked these armed forces, and now it has killed such powerful people as Sulaimani, which has the suspicion of beating its own face or even tearing down bridges.

From Irans point of view, Liu Zhongmin predicted that Iran might use Shiite forces to find trouble for the United States in the Middle East, and the US Iran game might further intensify, not going to war but trouble constantly.

According to the associated press, the death of Sulaimani and others is a potential turning point of the situation in the Middle East, which is expected to trigger fierce retaliation by Iran and its armed forces in the Middle East.

People are saddest

After the attack on the Embassy in Iraq, the United States immediately accused Iran of instigating behind the scenes, and Iran refused to carry the pot.

The truth is still uncertain, but we can be sure that the most embarrassing part of this struggle is that the Iraqi government - the United States cant afford to offend, and the regional and domestic Shiite forces cant be ignored; the saddest thing is that the Iraqi people - the game between the United States and Iran will intensify the internal spear and shield of Iraq, leading to a more chaotic situation.

On March 6, 2019, a child carries the relief food received at the No. 1 settlement camp in selemiya, about 30 km southeast of Mosul, northern Iraq. Shen Jizhong

After all, it is the policies and actions of the United States in Iraq that have long planted anti American seeds in the hearts of the local people. The old hatred adds the new hatred, the anti American anger is more and more intense.

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The Holy City Brigade is an elite military force of Iran, involved in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other Middle East countries, and participated in the fight against the extremist organization Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.

Sulaimani was born in 1957 and began to lead the Holy City Brigade in 1998. He is a powerful figure in Irans military, tough on the United States, and a thorn in the eye of the United States, Israel and other countries.

Sulaimani is very popular in Iran. In recent years, his figure often appears in battlefield photos, documentaries and even cartoons.

In August 2018, Sulaimani shouted to trump, if you start a war, it will be us who will end it..

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