Japanese media: members of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force too many tasks are exhausted

 Japanese media: members of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force too many tasks are exhausted

According to the daily news of Japan on January 3, under the background of increasingly severe security environment around Japan, the maritime self defense forces are undertaking more and more tasks, and the burden on the self-defense team members is more and more heavy.

According to the report, at the end of 2019, a Aegis ship of the Japan Maritime Self defense force is carrying out a vigilance mission in the sea of Japan and the East China Sea. In the context of the continuous game between the United States and the DPRK, the missiles launched by the DPRK may fly over Japan again. In addition, it is also an important task for Haizi to monitor the North Korean ship to ship cargo transfer.

Japan, on the other hand, has sent its self defense forces to the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia for more than 10 years. In order to realize the so-called free and open India Pacific concept led by Japan and the United States, Haizi also needs to participate in joint naval training with India, Australia and Southeast Asian countries, the report said.

We are now in a state of robbing the east wall and replacing the west wall, said a Haizi official There is a shortage of manpower in frigates and other surface ships carrying out vigilance and surveillance tasks around Japan. On average, the actual carrying capacity of each ship is only about 85% of the rated number of people. That is to say, a ship with a rating of 200 people actually carries only 160 to 170 people. Therefore, it has become a normal operation to form a temporary formation of the ships members who are sent overseas and need to enter the dock regularly for maintenance, so that some officials at sea complain that the task is arranged too tightly.

Reported that the situation of the self-defense team is becoming more and more serious. Due to the task surge, Haizi had to shorten the training time, resulting in the personnel who had just finished the overseas navigation task had to carry out docking training in a timely manner. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the port in an emergency to carry out vigilance and surveillance. Even minesweepers are in use. Some team members are unable to fulfill their commitments to their families, which leads to cracks in their internal family relations and increases their physical and mental pressure.

A retired Haizi official pointed out that the players are now in a vicious circle of pain. He himself was captain of the aegis at the beginning of this century. At the end of a months maritime mission and near the port, he was sent to the sea of Japan for vigilance and surveillance. The captain then instructed the team members to immediately inform their families that they cant go home now after the ship can see the land and the mobile signal is connected.

According to the report, considering the hardships of the self-defense team, Haizi is studying to change the current fixed fleet into a crew like one. The ideal state is to rotate three groups, so that when performing tasks, there will always be a group that can rotate. But if we cant guarantee that the total number of crew members exceeds the number of personnel assigned to each ship, we can only make a living.

According to the report, the problem of low popularity of the self defense forces is becoming more and more serious. Compared with the recruitment plan for the candidates of land, sea and air self defense officers in 2018, the actual number of candidates only accounted for 71.5% of the planned recruitment. The proportion of sea self is especially low, only 59.0%, which is much lower than 73.1% of land self and 76.9% of air self. Maritime Self Defense officers, who need to work in the ocean for a long time, are becoming a profession away from people, and the existing team of about 42000 people may be further reduced. So we have to explore ways to employ retired members as instructors or to subcontract logistics supply to the public.

According to the report, the Ministry of defense will make great efforts to develop unmanned underwater equipment with a view to the continuous reduction of the number of self-employed personnel. From 2021, the largest underwater unmanned equipment experimental tank in Yanguo City, Shankou county will be put into use.

Japanese sea release towed Minesweeper from Minesweeper Fu Dao (website of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force)

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