12306 block ticket grabbing software some users said that the scalpers were happy

 12306 block ticket grabbing software some users said that the scalpers were happy

As soon as the news came out, many netizens clapped their hands. Said that there is no rampant software for ticket grabbing, and ticket users will stand on the same line again. At the same time, we can also spend a lot less unjust money to avoid being set by the third party ticket grabbing software.

However, in the near future, even though 12306 has increased its ability to sell tickets every day from 15 million to 20 million, tickets for some hot lines are still hard to get.

Some users even said that, just after the official blocking of the ticket grabbing application, scalpers seemed to have the momentum to raise their heads again, openly increasing prices and reselling train tickets.

Whats the matter?

New opportunities for scalpers?

The happiest thing is the ticket hoarders. This years business will be much better.

A Qun, who worked as a salesman in an old motor vehicle market in Chengzhong District of Liuzhou City, used to be a professional scalper. He told him to understand notes. In the past, the Spring Festival was his busiest time, and of course, the most profitable time.

About four or five years ago, some OTA platforms began to launch ticket grabbing acceleration tools, and then many travel applications rushed to launch similar applications, and the market space of scalpers was gradually compressed. At first, these tools only need to forward assistance to help users speed up ticket grabbing, and then they need to buy acceleration packages to increase the success opportunity of ticket grabbing.

In those two or three years, the cattle business began to get worse. My income in 2017 was only half of that in previous years, so I left the business. A Qun said that with the rise of ticket grabbing acceleration tools, the business of scalpers has plummeted and soon fell into the situation of more monks than less.

In his opinion, scalpers are cash ticket holders and acceleration tools are ticket refunders. Although they are not the same in nature, they all rely on automatic procedures, through efficient and low delay special line network and special server to brush tickets. In the early years, we rented three servers to occupy tickets, which can occupy hundreds of hot line tickets a day.

However, because most of the ticket grabbing acceleration tools are launched by well-known Internet enterprises, with a certain degree of popularity and industry endorsement, and tickets will not be arbitrarily priced, so they are favored by users. Even though these functions began to charge later, in the eyes of users, ticket grabbing software is still the most effective way to crack down on scalpers.

A Qun said that the price of each train ticket for scalpers is usually increased by 100-150 yuan, while the price of the ticket grabbing application (acceleration package) is mostly more than 100 yuan. Some OTA ticket grabbing functions are also matched with so-called value-added services such as accident insurance, membership fee and package. Roughly, the cost of grabbing a ticket through these applications is one or two times of the ticket price, which is not much cheaper than scalpers

However, users still favor those ticket grabbing tools that make people love and hate, because these application platforms are relatively formal after all, some scalpers occupied a large number of tickets in the first two years, and no one bought them at last, so they could only refund tickets in advance, which led to the collapse of business.

In the past two years, the OTA platforms ticket grabbing acceleration tool has defeated the scalpers, and has gradually gained the upper hand. But this year, the official block of ticket grabbing application in a large area suddenly, and scalpers seem to have a momentum of making a comeback. Whats the reason?

A Qun said that because scalpers hoard tickets in the same way as ordinary users, they also use official clients to purchase tickets. They hoard tickets through some grey production means, which will only be regarded as the ticket buying behavior of ordinary users by the official system. With the blocking of the ticket software, the scalpers soon offered new tricks and means to hoard tickets and earn money.

Fancy ticket hoarding to avoid system supervision

You can get any hot line, you can rest assured.

Under the promotion of a Qun, he joined a wechat group composed of scalpers as a two dealers of tickets. Although the group announcement requires all members to prohibit chatting, when they understand notes and ask whether they can act as an agent for train tickets, several scalpers have initiated friend applications.

One of the buffaloes, nicknamed turbulence, told him to understand notes. At present, a lot of ticket sources have fallen into the hands of the buffaloes. For destinations like Jiangxi, Hunan and Guizhou, I can get tickets as long as I start from Guangdong.

In the same way as a Qun said, turbulence thought that this years ticket grabbing tool was banned, and the scalpers did feel proud. He also said that he had purchased new ticket hoarding equipment and software, just to ensure the success rate of ticket taking.

In addition to the dedicated server and 100m bandwidth, he and his partners also bought several 5g mobile phones, 5g signal is particularly good in the rental house, and the network speed can be said to exceed 100m dedicated optical fiber.

Turbulence revealed that the traditional ticket storage equipment and servers are mainly used to seize the tickets just released by the official. 5g mobile phone is more suitable for ticket refund. Although there are still some concerns about 5g network, these 5g mobile phones have helped them grab dozens of refunds in recent days.

So, if ordinary users buy 5g mobile phones and handle 5g package, can they easily get tickets?

In this regard, the possibility of turbulence is very low, because in addition to using 5g equipment with faster Internet access, scalpers also have a powerful automatic ticket grabbing program.

The action of this automatic ticket grabbing program is similar to that of human hands, but it is many times faster than that of human hands. It can not only avoid the operation pause caused by ordinary peoples thinking, but also automatically select the origin and destination of the trip, and automatically fill in the identity card information bought in batches. Turbulence explains.

With 5g network and mobile phone, and powerful ticket grabbing program, their success rate of grabbing some hot lines has exceeded 70%.

5g ticket grabbing is just an attempt. The mainstream is still the traditional dedicated server and dedicated optical fiber. After all, ticket hoarding is our advantage. If you want to act as an agent, you should make a decision earlier. Although the ban on ticket grabbing tools has improved the business of scalpers, there are still some hidden worries in the turbulence language.

According to him, in the future, it is not excluded that some program development platforms will develop new acceleration tools for official rules. He has recently seen the advertising of the new version of the tool on some OTA platforms. Some apps claim to support the official backup ticket grabbing function synchronously, and the acceleration package charge has not changed.

In their opinion, the time and opportunities left for scalpers may not be much, so we should increase the price of the reserved tickets as soon as possible before the ticket grabbing acceleration tool comeback.

Now, 12306s official regulatory measures have become the elements of the game between scalpers and ticket grabbing applications. Whether its through scalpers buying tickets in large quantities with fake ID cards or OTA platform speeding up ticket purchasing through ticket grabbing tools, ordinary users are still vulnerable groups.

Tips for buying tickets on the users official website

I got my ticket home last week.

Yang Ling, who works for a trading company in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, bought a ticket to return to Chaoshan on December 29. That is to say, before New Years Eve, she will be able to return home and be reunited with her family.

Its reasonable to say that the bullet train from Shenzhen to Chaoshan has always been a hot line. Why can she get a ticket smoothly?

Yang Ling told me that she understood the notes. In fact, before buying this ticket, she also considered the ticket grabbing application. However, when querying the train ticket, the words a small amount and buy an acceleration package were displayed. She simply gave up, its better to spend so much money on an acceleration package (not 100% successful) than a scalper ticket.

One day when she was resting at home, she inadvertently opened the official ticket buying platform that she would watch several times every day, and found that her preferred train number showed there is a ticket. After placing the order, she succeeded.

Yang Ling said that the earlier you plan the train number and date, the greater the chance of buying tickets. As long as the date of returning home is planned and tickets are purchased in advance when tickets for the Spring Festival are sold, even if there is trouble from scalpers, there is still a great chance to successfully purchase tickets. If you cant buy the right time, you can find a way to ask for leave and go home a few days in advance. As long as you dont buy tickets on New Years Eve, the success rate will be guaranteed.

At the suggestion of Yang Ling, many of her friends and colleagues have planned the time of returning home in advance and tried to accommodate the law of Spring Festival, so they have basically bought the right tickets.

In recent years, the railway capacity of Spring Festival transportation has greatly increased, but it is still difficult to meet the travel needs of all people. Some people in the industry said that no matter the official or the traveling passengers, they still cant eliminate the fighting wisdom and bravery with the Yellow bull party for many years. The fundamental reason is that the railway transportation capacity cant bear the concentrated outbreak of return passenger flow during the Spring Festival transportation.

The national development and Reform Commission and other departments recently released the opinions on doing a good job in the Spring Festival 2020 forecast that the national passenger volume of the Spring Festival 2020 will reach about 3 billion person times, a slight increase over the previous year. Among them, road transportation accounted for 2.43 billion person times, down 1.2%; railway transportation accounted for 440 million person times, up 8%.

To solve the problem of train capacity can not be achieved overnight, and the official ticket platform will continue to struggle with ticket grabbing software and ticket hoarding by scalpers. In the future, there is no doubt that, with the continuous growth of the technical capacity of the official ticket platform, no matter the management system of ticket sales is perfect, scalpers will not exist for a long time, and the dilemma of returning home with a hard ticket will become history.

Source: understand notes editor: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541