Ghosns fleeing accomplice surfaced! Aircraft leasing company employees forge records

 Ghosns fleeing accomplice surfaced! Aircraft leasing company employees forge records

Carlos Ghosn (source: Xinhua News Agency)

Overseas, Jan. 4 - the flight of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Company, continued to ferment. According to the latest news, the accomplice who helped Ghosn escape Japan successfully has emerged.

Mngjet, a Turkish private aircraft operator, said in a statement Friday that Ghosn illegally used two planes of the company to flee Japan. An employee of the company helped forge the lease record and erase the name of Ghosn from the record, CNN reported.

The seemingly unrelated lease shows that the company has leased two aircraft to two different customers, the statement said. One is from Dubai to Osaka, then to Istanbul, the other is from Istanbul to Beirut. But Ghosns name did not appear in the official documents of the two flights, and one of the companys employees admitted to falsifying records.

The statement said the employee admitted to acting on his own without the knowledge of the management, and the company has filed criminal proceedings against the incident.

CNN said the day before, Turkish police detained seven people, including four pilots, including mngjet employees who forged the flight records of Ghosn.

Mr Ghosn, 65, of Lebanese origin, was born in Brazil and has French and Lebanese citizenship. In Japan, Mr. Ghosn faced four charges, including failing to report huge incomes and transferring personal investment losses to Nissan. The court of Japan was scheduled to hear the case of Ghosn in April 2020. Ghosn was released on bail but could not leave Japan. However, on December 31, 2019, Ghosn issued a statement through the French enterprise responsible for his own publicity affairs, saying: I am now in Lebanon. I am no longer a hostage to the biased Japanese judicial system. The news of its escape attracted global attention for a while.

Earlier, several international media reported that Ghosn, or with the help of others, left Japan under false names and forged documents. MTV in Lebanon believes that Ghosn hid in the cargo box, set out from a local airport in Japan, transferred through Ankara, the Turkish capital, and finally arrived in Beirut. Lebanon has received a red notice issued by Interpol against Ghosn.

According to the report, Ghosns escape plan has been in preparation for more than three months. His escape plan was drawn up by his wife, Carol. She and Ghosn fled together by private plane. However, Ghosn 2 by the lawyer issued a statement, denying family participation in the escape plan. Ghosns lawyer recently revealed that Ghosn will hold a press conference in Beirut on the 8th.

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