U.S. House of Representatives asks trump to report on the Iraq attack

 U.S. House of Representatives asks trump to report on the Iraq attack

The U.S. House of Representatives asked trump to explain the Iraq attack and report on the next action plan (source: Netease video)

After the US launched the air raid and assassination, the public opinion of the US was aroused. Many politicians criticized the governments actions and expressed concern about the current situation.

Trump said in his speech that the United States did not intend to seek to subvert the regime, but ended a war. In an interview with local media, U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio said the move broke down Irans urgent threat to U.S. homeland security. Even when asked about the details, pompeio did not give a clear answer.

Although the U.S. government made the so-called explanation for the action, it was criticized by many American politicians.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said the move was to drop bombs into matchboxes, further aggravating the already tense situation in the region, resulting in the opposite effect to the purpose of the action.

Bloomberg, a popular candidate for the 2020 US presidential election, said he hoped trump would really consider the impact and risk of the action on US national security. He is worried about the current situation.

Warren, the Democratic presidential candidate, criticized Trumps recklessness for causing more casualties, saying the United States must try to avoid the next expensive war.

The U.S. House of Representatives asked the trump administration to immediately explain to Congress the very serious situation of the assassination of Iranian military generals and report on the next action plan. Another US congressman condemned the US governments action as putting Americans in danger in Iraq and called on the us to stop consuming more national strength in the war.

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