The man posted a complaint that the holiday company only gave a bottle of sauce and was dismissed

 The man posted a complaint that the holiday company only gave a bottle of sauce and was dismissed

Barbecue sauce from men and companies (source: Canada CTV)

Overseas. Com, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) - a Canadian man was fired after he posted a complaint on social media that his company had only given a bottle of barbecue sauce worth $6 (about 32 yuan) for the holiday.

The 27 year old is Hussain mehedri, the general manager of Fast Retailing, an international wholesale company of building materials, CTV News reported. The company is headquartered in the United States and has many branches in Canada. When he first started in 2013, he often received a box of rich gifts from the company on holidays.

Before, there were cookies, chocolate beans, beef jerky and a whole box of snacks. At that time, we were very happy and very grateful to the company. Mehadri said.

But this year, the company only gave him a bottle of barbecue sauce, which made him feel very unimportant. The staff in the US headquarters received a box of gifts as usual.

I have worked hard for the company for six years, and we have worked very hard to achieve our sales targets, mehidri said. But now I dont feel the companys respect for us.

So he used his anonymous account to post complaints on social media, writing: what is the big international company? Canadian employees can only get a bottle of barbecue sauce at the festival, but American employees can actually get a whole box of gifts!

At the same time, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the share holiday gifts together written by the CEO of the company to employees: what do you share? Share barbecue sauce? Im so sorry for all the Canadian employees who are fast-moving!

The day after posting, mehadri received a call from her boss. The company knew his anonymous account and asked to delete the post. Only then did he realize that the personal photos he had posted on his anonymous account revealed his identity.

On the eve of new years day, mehadri met with his boss and was dismissed on the spot without any severance pay. The boss said that despite his efforts, the U.S. headquarters insisted on firing him.

Richard Johnson, an employment lawyer in Vancouver, Canada, said that the fast deduction company should pay the severance fee of mehidri, and that mehidri should also appeal the illegal dismissal of the fast deduction company.

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