Ghosn faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted in Lebanon

 Ghosn faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted in Lebanon

Data chart: Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan,

According to reports, the lawyers who filed the lawsuit said they had no other political motives than to uphold justice. One of the lawyers, Abbas, said, its outrageous that we want to welcome him back to Lebanon after he made a deal with Israel.

If Ghosn thinks he can really be protected here [in Lebanon], its totally impossible because under Lebanese law he visited Israel, which is Lebanons enemy state , said Lebanese political analyst Abdel Obeid

Mr Obeid said speculation that Mr Ghosn might be seen as a hero in Lebanon was untrue. He said, first, there is corruption in Ghosn; second, he is seen as a traitor. So how can he be a hero in Lebanon?

Mngjet, a Turkish private aircraft rental operator, said on January 3 that an employee of mngjet was suspected of helping Ghosn flee Japan for Lebanon. Mngjet said in a statement that two of its aircraft had been used illegally to transport ghorn without the knowledge of its management.

The company said criminal proceedings had been instituted. On January 2, Turkish police arrested seven suspects, including four pilots, and Turkish authorities began to investigate Ghosns flight from Japan to Lebanon via Turkey.

Mngjet said in its statement that it had leased two jets to two different customers, one scheduled to fly from Dubai to Osaka, then Osaka to Istanbul, and the other from Istanbul to Beirut. There seems to be no connection between the two agreements.

Ghosns name is not in the official documents of any flight, the statement said An employee who is being investigated by Turkish authorities has admitted that he falsified the record. The employee has confirmed that it was an individual act to help Ghosn abscond and that he was not authorized by mngjet management, the company said. The company is not aware of this.

According to Reuters, a witness revealed that the pilot and other detainees, including two airport ground staff and a cargo worker. A statement has been made to the police and was sent to court on the 3rd.

On January 2, Interpol issued a red warrant to the Lebanese authorities for the former chairman of Nissan Motor in Japan on suspicion of tax evasion and embezzlement on November 19, 2018. But since there is no extradition clause between Japan and Lebanon, it is unclear whether Ghosn will be extradited back to Japan for trial.

The Wall Street Journal had previously reported that there was a team behind Ghosns great escape of the century. The team first took Ghosn from his home to a private plane bound for Istanbul. Ghosn then flew from Istanbul to Beirut.

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