Iraqi militia: new US air strikes kill medical staff

 Iraqi militia: new US air strikes kill medical staff

Al Jazeera TV: it is reported that the U.S. army killed the medical staff of peoples mobilization organization in the new air attack in Iraq

Earlier, according to Iraqi state television, an Iraqi military source said that the United States Air raided the Taji area in the north of Baghdad on the night of the 3rd, and there were Shiite militia armed peoples mobilization organizations in the area.

Information chart: Peoples mobilization Organization (PMF) of Iraqi Shiite militia

Al Jazeera has learned that at least six people, including medical staff, have been killed in the latest US air strikes. Another three people were seriously injured, Reuters reported.

According to Al Jazeera television, the peoples mobilization organization issued a statement on the 4th, saying: initial sources confirmed that the air strikes targeted the peoples mobilization organization of the convoy of medical personnel, the attack site in Baghdad near the Taji stadium.

Russia today (RT) said earlier that the latest attack occurred after us air strikes on Baghdad International Airport. In the early morning of the 3rd local time, the U.S. military launched a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport, killing general Sulaimani, commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard in charge of overseas operations, and muhandis, the actual leader of the Shiite militia organization peoples mobilization organization in Iraq.

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