Lets see and cherish it! Ibrahimovic may retire in Milan and be inspired by Ronaldo

 Lets see and cherish it! Ibrahimovic may retire in Milan and be inspired by Ronaldo

Why AC Milan? Ibrahimovic replied: Ive always wanted to come back. Ive been thinking about Milan since I left last time. I came to AC Milan to find new challenges. Im 38 years old and the motivation to keep playing has nothing to do with money. Whats important is that Im back. I have sincere love. I regard AC Milan as my home. I will do my best to help Milan get back where they should be

Why not retire? Ibrahimovic replied, Im still passionate about football. Why should I retire?

Do you believe in the future of AC Milan? Ibrahimovic replied: Milan will always be Milan. In any case, the team emblem and history will not change, although it is not the Milan of Berlusconi era. I believe in Milans plans, I believe that Milan can get back on track, otherwise I will not join. AC Milan is always AC Milan, even in the United States, people know that AC Milan is the Rossoneri

Ibrahimovic said that he will use his physical strength reasonably: I must use my strength in the right place to ensure that I am not too tired after every game. I want to be in the right place at the right time and do the right thing.

Ibrahimovic spoke about his goal: on a personal level, I want to enjoy the game and help my teammates. At the club level, I hope I can bring a complete change to AC Milan. Im looking forward to returning to San Siro, hearing 85000 fans chanting my name and clapping wildly for me. In fact, I prefer to hear them whistling and chanting my name, which will make me more motivated. But if theyre tired, its good to clap and drum occasionally.

Ibrahimovic then talked about Ronaldo: Ive been in excellent form since I left LA Galaxy. I dont have much time, so I want to make the most of it. The presence of Ronaldo is a great stimulus to me.

Ibrahimovic admits that he may retire from AC Milan: I may retire from AC Milan. I have a very good relationship with the staff, the fans and everyone here, and thats a possibility. Im very demanding of myself. I dont allow myself to fail. I can return to Milan not because my name is Ibrahimovic, I have to prove myself again. Now the only thing that can cheer me up is to work, complete the challenge and prove myself.

Ibrahimovic admits that his style has changed: I am not 20, 25, 30 or 35 years old. I have to change my style and habits. I have to know how to allocate my physical strength, when and where I should appear. I should shoot, assist or fight for the top.

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