Easy voice version: hundreds of dollars let me eat Shi? Its too bullying

 Easy voice version: hundreds of dollars let me eat Shi? Its too bullying

Have you ever eaten anything unclean in a restaurant? If so, how to deal with it.

Are you good at sports? Did you show your skill or become famous in the games?

Wechat netizen left eyelid jumps said:

Junior high school is fatter, but the third place in 200m sports meeting still cant forget the surprised expression of the teacher!

Wechat netizen Lele:

Wechat netizen Moxi Zili:

I am good at sports and sleep. I love sleeping since I was a child. My mother took me to the street and I fell asleep just like that. In class, from early self-study to late self-study, my teacher asked me why I fell asleep so much...

At the wedding, the groom said, actually, I have loved many people since I fell in love with you. There was an uproar and the bride was stunned. Seeing this, the bridegroom continued with satisfaction: many people, including your parents, your family, your friends. There was thunderous applause from the audience. The bride paused and asked, does that include my best friend?

Q group netizen Xiaojiu wants to give his good friend Hu 80000 yuan a song:

Hello, Dabo. Im a small wine from the fans. Thank you so much for the relaxed moment. Lets get together from all over the world. Lets meet, meet, and meet Bah, meet each other. 2019 is also my first year of work. I feel warm because of you who have no friends in Beijing. I want to order a goodbye to them here. Just like the song in the lyrics, Im afraid I dont have a chance to say goodbye to you, because I may never see you again. These days cant be erased in my heart. 2019, Im very lucky to meet you.

2019, Im glad to have your company. 2020, may we have a chance to see each other again.

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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