Fan Zhendong returns to the top of the list, adding confidence and fighting to the end PK Xu Xin Zhou Qihao

 Fan Zhendong returns to the top of the list, adding confidence and fighting to the end PK Xu Xin Zhou Qihao

Fan Zhendong returns to the top of the list and adds confidence

This years world table tennis team competition will be held in Busan, South Korea, in March, which is the most important world competition for national table tennis before the Tokyo Olympic Games in July. A total of 12 Chinese mens table tennis players participated in the team trials of the World Table Tennis Championships through Busan. After the first round of competition, 6 of the 12 were promoted, namely fan Zhendong, Zhou Qihao, Lin Gaoyuan, Ma long, Liang Jingkun and Xu Xin. The top 6 players will compete in groups to make the final three. Fan Zhendong, an Olympic champion from Guangzhou, beat Lin Gaoyuan, the first brother of Guangdong team, 4-2. He won the mens singles in last years straight to Budapest world table tennis competition, and this year is also seen as a big hit. Fan Zhendong believes that the straight through competition is conducive to promoting the healthy competition within the national table tennis team. Although the task of Guoping is to defeat the opponents of other teams in the international arena, this does not mean that Guoping does not try its best or relax in the team competition. On the contrary, fierce team competition like the straight through competition and bloody battle to the end will enable Guoping to play better in the international arena with a better spirit.

Fan Zhendong returned to the top of the mens list in the first world ranking in 2020. He said that he was very happy because he had worked hard in the past few months. Fan Zhendong fell into a low point in the first half of 2019, and finally broke the championship shortage until October, winning the mens singles titles of Germany open, Austria open, mens World Cup and Zhengzhou finals. Fan believes that returning to No. 1 in the world will help him accumulate more confidence in the next competition.

Zhou Qihao is the second male singles of Guangdong team, from Baiyun District, Guangzhou city. Zhou Qihao narrowly beat Malone in the Grand Slam 4-3 and successfully advanced to the bloody battle to the end. He revealed that he mainly won in a good mentality and played at a high level. After all, its against the Grand Slam. If you dont have a good mentality, youll have a lot of influence. Today, he will try his best to win the world table tennis team competition qualification.

In the womens singles competition, Zhu Yuling fought 7 innings to knock out the Grand Slam champion Ding Ning 4-3. Chen Meng beat Chen Xingtong by the same big ratio, and sun yingsha beat Wang Manyu by 4-3. The qualification of womens team in the first world table tennis team competition of China Womens table tennis competition will be generated from these three people.

The top 3 players who enter the bloody battle to the end will start the single round robin competition of four victories in seven games first. If one of the three players wins two games in total, they will win the championship. If three of them win or lose each other, they will enter the next stage of bloody battle to the end and win by 11 points in one game. If there are still no two wins, the third stage will start from 5-5. If there are still winners and losers, add another round of final match from 10-10.

Source: responsible editor of Guangzhou Daily: Cao Liqiao and ns1806