Frequent injuries make debelle speechless: why do you always get hurt when you listen to doctors?

 Frequent injuries make debelle speechless: why do you always get hurt when you listen to doctors?

Im not a doctor, but I havent heard that hes going to have an operation. Its not that serious. He has some pain in his tendon. I may be absent for a while. Maybe after the super bowl, he will be back. Internal? We trust him unconditionally. He was very good against Inter in the Champions League and now its his turn to play

Is Barcelona the best club in the last 10 years? Everyone has their own point of view, and the fans all think that the team they support is the best, he said. For Barcelona, the decade has been a great one. Our goal is to strive to improve our own level.

Its a problem and I hope hell come back when hes fully recovered, not when hes not as fit as he was last season, barwade said later of Arturs injury Denbelle, another Barcelona wounded, was more depressed. Some western media pointed out that denbelle was very speechless about his injury. In order to avoid injury, denbelle followed the doctors advice. He also adjusted his diet and rest. Denbelle didnt understand why he had done everything he could, but why he still had frequent injuries. According to the current situation, dengbeilai will have to recuperate for another month.

There are clear terms in the contract, and we will solve this problem internally, balvede said of the Chilean, who was sued by Bidar for the bonus dispute. Hes in good training and hes not affected at all. The club will work with him on other issues

I thought he would stay, but he chose to leave in the end, he said

South American players came back late, and Baldwin finally talked about their physical condition: we have made holiday training plans for Messi, Suarez and Bidar, and they have done well.

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