Mr. Ghosn talked to Hollywood producers about putting their personal experience on the screen

 Mr. Ghosn talked to Hollywood producers about putting their personal experience on the screen

The producer, John lesshe, is the producer of the 2014 Oscar winning film Birdman. During the meeting, Ghosn told lesshe about his experience, saying that he had been imprisoned unfairly by Japan and was trying to prove his innocence. He asked lesshe if her experience would be more compassionate if it was made into a movie.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that it was not clear when the meeting would take place, but Ghosn seemed to be planning to flee Japan. In 2020, the news that Ghosn is in Lebanon has all the elements of Hollywood blockbuster, as reported by the global media: suspects escaping by private plane, multi-national passports, rumors related to the team behind the escape plan, and denial statements of relevant countries and people who promote conspiracy theory.

[focus on Japanese justice

The source said that the talks between Ghosn and lesshe were not in-depth. The topic revolved around their own salvation. The negative role of the film material was the Japanese judicial system. Ghosn was convinced that he could not get a fair trial in Japan.

After his arrest, Ghosn consulted Jack Adelstein, an American journalist who has been tracking Japans criminal justice system for a long time, in July 2019, to understand the possibility of his own impunity.

I told him, they dont care about justice, they care about winning, Adelstein said in an interview with the Daily Beast website this week. in the most optimistic scenario, you get a reprieve.

In response to the doubts about the judicial system from the outside world, the senior prosecutors of Japan explained after Ghosn fled that every country has its own history, culture and legal system, and cannot be criticized just because we are different from others.

Ghosn was arrested twice in Japan in November 2018 and April 2019 and released after paying a large amount of bail. The bail regulations stipulate that Ghosn shall not leave Japan during his bail. Mr Ghosn has been accused of concealing huge personal income and misappropriating Nissan funds, four charges he denies.

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