Under the new change of etc vehicle segment charging, only the high-speed Internet can check the whole charging process

 Under the new change of etc vehicle segment charging, only the high-speed Internet can check the whole charging process

Xinkuai news reporter Xu Lifu reported that January 2 is the first working day after the new years Day holiday. Many people in Guangzhou who use etc found that they usually come down from the highway and can not see the whole process charge on the display screen of the toll station as before, but only show a small amount or even 0 yuan, which made them doubt whether they charged the wrong fee. The reporter of new express learned that this is actually just a new change brought about by the implementation of segmented charging on the expressway. Etc owners need to check the whole charging details online about two hours after getting off the expressway.

The charges displayed in the export are all small

Yesterday was the first working day since zero oclock on January 1, when the national highway implemented segmented charging, many citizens found that when they drove to work on the highway, when they got off the highway through etc channel, the electronic display screen did not display the whole cost of the highway as before, and the displayed amount was small, and was previously rounded to Yuan. Now they see the charging amount as several cents and cents Even showed as 0 yuan, many car owners are surprised and confused.

New express reporter in a toll station in the city to see, etc display in two forms, one is to show the amount and balance of charges, the other is to show the license plate number and the amount of charges. The balance is displayed by etc stored value card, and the license plate number is displayed by etc bookkeeping card. In either case, the amount charged is a small amount.

Etc drivers see ramp tolls

In fact, this is a new change of highway toll. According to the Department of transportation of Guangdong Province, since zero oclock on January 1 this year, the national expressway has implemented segmented charging, which is divided into independent charging sections according to the adjacent interchange and entrance / exit toll stations. Each charging section calculates the toll by sections through the etc gantry system set up along the way.

Etc vehicles can still drive into and leave the expressway without stopping, and realize section charging and section deduction through etc gantry. When non etc vehicles enter the expressway, they need to get CPC pass card at the entrance toll station, calculate the toll through etc gantry and write it into the CPC card, return the CPC card at the exit of toll station and pay the whole toll when leaving the expressway, so as to realize section charging and exit charging.

Before, the toll amount of Expressway in Guangdong Province was basically rounded to Yuan according to the principle of rounding. After 0:00 on January 1, 2020, the charging amount of etc vehicles passing through a single etc gantry shall be calculated according to its mileage and charging standard, and rounded to points according to the principle of rounding, and the specific charging amount of each section shall not be displayed on the gantry. The toll of ramp is collected by the toll station and displayed on the fee display. So the minimum amount on the exit display screen is actually only the ramp toll, and the rest of the toll has been charged through the etc gantry during the driving process. However, the manual charging vehicles are charged by sections, and the export is combined, and the transaction amount is rounded to Yuan. So you can still see your full charge at the exit by using manual charging vehicles, and get the Yuan as before.

If you have any questions about the charges, you can ask at the toll station

As for the charging disputes concerned by car owners, the Department of transportation of Guangdong Province said that if there is any doubt about the expressway charging situation, it can put it forward on the site of toll station for timely handling. If the site cannot be handled in time, you can call the service hotline of Yuetong card 96533 or the complaint hotline of Guangdong Expressway Operation Management Service 96998. After the complaint is accepted, it is generally verified and handled within 4 natural days. If the owner pays more for the system and other reasons, the refund can be made after verification. The overpaid fee shall be returned within 3 natural days after the refund is confirmed.