Bus drivers get thousands of yuan of consolation money if they scold or fight or fight back in the face of trouble

 Bus drivers get thousands of yuan of consolation money if they scold or fight or fight back in the face of trouble

u25b3 the driver received sympathy

According to the person in charge of Zhenjiang bus No.1 Branch, at about 11:00 a.m. on December 31, 2019, xiatao drove the No.104 bus to carry out the line operation task. When the bus stopped at huashanwan bus station, a man came up. After getting on the bus and just driving, he went to the drivers cab and said to xiatao, driver, I have something to say to you.

Xia Tao replied, if you have something to say, just say it.

You are a little too close to the side of the station, the man said

Xia Tao explained that the company has relevant regulations, and because of todays rain, it is convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus to pull aside as far as possible.

I thought it would be OK after the explanation. I didnt expect that the man would not give up. One side of the passengers dissuaded, let the man sit down first, do not disturb the driver driving. But the man did not listen to the dissuasion but quarreled with the passengers.

u25b3 driver hit

Seeing that the man was emotional, in order to ensure the safety of the passengers, Xia Tao pulled the vehicle aside and put on the handbrake, then began to advise the man not to be excited and sit down first. The man didnt listen to the advice, and began to abuse Xia Tao, spit and beat Xia Tao for many times, and damaged the vehicle equipment.

Xia Tao did not respond to the mans insults and beatings.

The mans behavior attracted the attention of other passengers in the car. While persuading and condemning the mans behavior, other passengers called 110. Police arrived in time to stop the mans behavior, and contact the mans wife. After his wife arrived at the scene, she said he had mental problems and issued a certificate issued by Zhenjiang mental health center. His wife apologized for his actions and made compensation for the damage to the facilities in his car.

On January 2, 2020, in response to Xia Taos encounter, leaders of Zhenjiang Bus Co., Ltd. went to Jinshan parking lot where bus No. 104 stops, praised and affirmed Xia Tao face to face, and offered 1000 yuan of consolation money on site.

The reporter of Modern Express learned from Zhenjiang No.1 bus company that Xia Taos calm response in case of emergency, scolding and fighting back, fully reflected the professional responsibility of a bus driver, and his 102 team is applying for the grievance Award for Xia Tao to the company. In addition, in view of the mans behavior, Zhenjiang Public Transport Co., Ltd. contacted his family through the police station and advised him not to take the bus alone without his family and guardian.

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