Taiwan dropped the plane, Chinese netizens reveled? Green media exaggerates cold blood of mainland netizens

 Taiwan dropped the plane, Chinese netizens reveled? Green media exaggerates cold blood of mainland netizens

Yesterday (2), a helicopter carrying 13 Black Hawks crashed in Taiwan, killing several senior officials, including Taiwans chief of staff. However, the islands green friendly media freedom times did not focus on the accident investigation, but rather distracted to post an article calling mainland netizens cold-blooded.

The plot is familiar. It turns out that as early as in the era when Tianya forum was still very popular, the freedom times once unilaterally picked up extreme comments and tried to give all mainland netizens the cold-blooded hat, which was also questioned and faked by peers.

The black continent praises the United States, and the green media is perfect

On the night of the accident on the 2nd, the freedom times, which often rushed into the cause of netizens in the black continent, reported that the Black Hawk helicopter of Taiwan Army crashed and killed 8 people and injured 5 people, among which chief of staff Shen Yiming had always been the supreme leader of the national army who died in his post. The mainland media forwarded the new news, and netizens in the mainland said: these Taiwan independence fell down..

Report screenshots

Picture source of the crashed Taiwan army UH-60M helicopter: Taiwan media

In addition to a few prayers, the article focuses on rendering cold-blooded messages of mainland netizens.

Interestingly, on the 3rd, the freedom times also wrote a good report on a American Association in Taiwan flag flying at half mast at the new Inner Lake Pavilion. Mark a. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, made a statement on the official Facebook to express his condolences.

The idea of green media is clear. Taiwan netizens who were incited and guided by them also wondered: well, how do you feel that we are really an American territory?

Pro American Taiwan independence also by the way exclaimed: dad really can be a man

In fact, observer.com noted that most netizens on the mainland expressed their condolences under the relevant reports of the crash, with the exception of some dispassionate comments.

In the Island Forum PTT, there is no lack of cold-blooded true remarks about how the dead are not so and so.

The * * * conspiracy theory, such as the use of insult. They said rhythmically that before the election, it is possible to have a bearing on the mainland. Its strange that officials of this rank die regardless of the Mainland But there are friends on the island who cant help but Tucao:

In addition, if you go back to the Penghu air crash of Taiwan Renaissance airlines, which killed 48 people in 2014, you will find that the green media generalize the whole is quite skillful.

At that time, in order to guide public opinion, the freedom times issued an article entitled cold-blooded netizens in China: dead light of poor animals in duwan , listing some of the unfeeling comments on the Tianya forum.

Screenshot of 2014 Report

Cao Boyan, the author, called these outrageous remarks outrageous, but some netizens found the problem: the ID registration and posting date of publishing dead light of dingwan cheap animals were too short from the news generation time of free times, and the words seemed to be more in line with the habit of green people in Taiwan, and thus questioned the authenticity of the news.

Taiwans Sanli news network is also concerned about the incident. The website admitted that in fact, on the day of the crash, tens of thousands of messages from Tianya and Netease were mostly mourning rather than attacking.

Green net army is also working, Kuomintang City councillors: no humanity!

At the same time, it is worth noting that after the Black Hawk crash on the 2nd, in addition to the green media in the power, the notorious green army is not idle.

Luo Zhiqiang, a member of the Kuomintang Taipei City Council, found that PTTs green net army would take the wind to Ma Ying Jeou, the former leader of Taiwan, and criticized Ma Ying Jeou bought the Black Hawk, according to the China Times electronic news.

He criticized it. Why didnt the DPP tell the United States that the black hawk was wrong? Say Black Hawks design has problems? Now the whole Taiwan is mourning. The net army is bleeding. The consumers, Taiwan army and Ma Yingjiu, can we have a little humanity??

Zhu lilun, chairman of the KMTs presidential candidate, Han Guoyus campaign headquarters, said that at this time, we should not do political attacks and blame each other very much and we should not fire this thing because of the election.

In these 12 hours, Taiwan has no military commander at all

For Tsais handling of the incident in the first place, some island media also said.

Although Cai ordered full rescue efforts and suspension of election related itinerary. However, nearly 12 hours after the incident, there was no military commander in Taiwan, after which it was announced that Liu Zhibin, the deputy chief of staff executive, would act as the chief of staff.

This makes some Taiwanese netizens worried.

In response, Luo Youzhi, a famous speaker in the island, commented with dissatisfaction that once the foreign hostile forces invaded Taiwan, the commander-in-chief must command the troops to resist foreign aggression, but it took 12 hours to announce the proxy. He criticizes Cai Yingwen: the foreign hostile forces of the reverse osmosis method are really shouting false, or are they making a monkey in your heart.

According to the associated press, Yu Muming, chairman of the new party, held a press conference on the afternoon of March 3, stressing that ten Black Hawk helicopters have been lost in five years around the world and two accidents have occurred in Taiwan in more than one year. It is up to a third party to investigate whether the Black Hawk helicopter design is safe and initiate a claim against the United States, so as to ensure the security of Taiwans military armaments and recover justice for the dead.

Figure from joint report

At present, the cause of the crash is not clear, and the 44 Black Hawk helicopters of the Taiwan army have been completely grounded for inspection. The Defense Department of Taiwan authorities sent the Black Hawk black box to the relevant units on the afternoon of March 3 for data interpretation to clarify the cause of the accident. According to the games, the flight recorders and voice recorders are undamaged, and the content has been downloaded. The black box can be read out tomorrow morning and submitted to the Ministry of national defense for final judgment.

Sikorsky, the US aircraft maker, previously said it would assist the investigation.

We advise some green media that if they really want Taiwan to be better and reduce the probability of accidents, its better to spend more time asking American manufacturers what to do, instead of always staring at the opposite netizens from 180 thousand miles.

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