Looking forward to the launch of SUV in willanda / Geely icon / new gla

 Looking forward to the launch of SUV in willanda / Geely icon / new gla

GAC Toyota willanda

Expected listing date: April 2020

According to GAC Toyota official information: willanda will officially start pre-sale on January 9, and the new car will launch 2 kinds of power, 3 kinds of four-wheel drive system and 4 kinds of configuration models. The vehicle is expected to be officially launched in April 2020. The new car is built on the ga-k platform of tnga architecture, which is homologous with the new Camry and Lexus es.

[new car configuration information

1. Four models, all equipped with automatic gear as standard

GAC Toyota willanda will propose four configuration models: leading version, luxury version, technology version and noble version.

2. Two power assemblies

GAC Toyota willanda will provide two tnga power assemblies, namely, 2.0L gasoline engine and 2.5L double engine hybrid system. Among them, the 2.0L fuel version: equipped with tnga2.0ldynamcforce engine with thermal efficiency of 40%, combined with directshift to simulate 10 Speed CVT transmission (wcvt), the fuel consumption in 100km under comprehensive conditions is as low as 5.7L. 2.5L hybrid version: tnga2.5ldynamicforce engine with thermal efficiency up to 41% and the latest thsii hybrid power system are used. The fuel consumption of 100km under comprehensive working condition is as low as 4.6l, and the endurance mileage can easily exceed 1000km.

3. Three kinds of four-wheel drive system

GAC Toyota willanda provides three kinds of four-wheel drive structures, namely, dynamic four-wheel drive (DTC), dynamic vector four-wheel drive (DTV) and electronic four-wheel drive (e-four).

u00b7DTC (dynamic torque control four-wheel drive system): it adopts single axle structure and is newly optimized by Toyota to provide better driving performance on the unpaved road. The front and rear wheel torque can be adjusted by 100:0-50:50.

u00b7DTV (dynamic torque vector control four-wheel drive system): double axle structure is adopted, the left and right rear wheels are equipped with independent electric control coupling mechanism, and the torque output can be changed between 0:100-100:0. When the vehicle starts, the four-wheel drive starts and accelerates at the same time, and the starting speed is stable and fast; when the vehicle speed is stable or at high speed, it can switch to the front drive and stop the meaningless rotation of the central transmission shaft, so as to realize the fuel economy beyond the same level; when the vehicle is cornered, the system will reduce the power distribution of the inner wheel of the rear wheel, and transfer more power to the outer wheel, improving the cornering Stability, get the ideal turning track.

u00b7E-four (electronic four-wheel drive system): the front and rear axles are equipped with three motors, which can realize the wide range adjustment of front and rear axle drive power of 100:0-20:80. It can make the rear wheels output power without the transmission shaft in the middle and provide a faster power distribution. With the driving experience of front and rear driving, it is equivalent to a rear drive SUV, and brings the same level of leading fuel economy.

u00b7Standard aim four-wheel integrated management system: the system provides excellent handling and stability for the vehicle under different road conditions by coordinating the engine, gearbox, EPS electronic power steering system, brake and four-wheel drive system of the vehicle.

4. Comprehensive model configuration

u00b7Safety standard configuration: 7srs air bag, TSS intelligent safety technology, omnidirectional 8-probe reversing radar, reversing image, etc.

u00b7Core configuration: 18 inch wheel rim, equipped with power sunroof, power leather seat, smart key, one key start and other functions.

u00b7Configuration of the Internet of vehicles: it has the function of the Internet of vehicles and is equipped with the Internet of vehicles system of Fengyun Yuexiang.

u00b7Some options: the 2.0L technology version and the noble version of willanda can be equipped with DTV, and it is equipped with HUD, BSM, streaming mirror, panoramic image, ventilation seat, electric tailgate inductive opening, 19 inch hub and other differential configurations.

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Geely Icon

Listing date: February 14, 2020

On the first day of 2020, Geely Automobile released new years news, and Geely icon will be officially launched on Valentines day on February 14.

1. The second SUV based on Geely BMA modular architecture

2. The design of concepticon

3. Interior with two 10.25 inch screens is more luxurious

4. Power adopts 1.5T turbocharged engine + 48V light hybrid

5. The new car has seven colors, including Icon50 u00b0 grey (exclusive for Galaxy Limited Edition), Icon80 u00b0 grey, icon green, icon red, icon white, icon blue and icon gold

[model information

Geely icon adopts Geelys latest icon technology grammar design concept, and uses a large number of rounded rectangle elements for the appearance. The front and part of the design tend to be hard and strong, highlighting the sense of strength and structure in front of the car. The front of the car is designed with space-time reverberation front grille, and the lines are highly integrated with the LED headlights. Because of the integrated visual effect, it is similar to the ripple grille design

The lines at the rear of the car are also strong and crisp, and the lines on the rear bumper echo the front grille. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Geely icon are 4350 * 1810 * 1615MM respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640mm, which is positioned as a compact SUV.

The interior decoration of Geely icon also comes from the design style of the concept car. The color contrast design of white and khaki is adopted to make the overall level of the center console more distinct. With two 10.25 inch screens, time symbol design language is used at the air-conditioning outlet, the front cup holder and the door handle, etc., and soft materials are used for daily contact, and double stitches are used for one-in-one Step to increase the texture of the interior.

In terms of configuration, Geely icon is also equipped with one button start, electronic hand brake, automatic engine start and stop, automatic headlight and other functions to further improve the comfort of the car. In terms of safety configuration, the new car is also equipped with 6 airbags, esp body stability control system, lane departure warning, self-adaptive cruise system, automatic parking and other functions, taking the lead in realizing L2 level automatic driving and further improving the integrity Safety of the car.

In the power part, 1.5T turbocharged engine + 48V light hybrid design is adopted, with 7-speed double clutch and exquisite electronic gear lever. The hybrid technology of Geely has been very mature, and many of its models have also adopted light hybrid design. Geely icon has a maximum engine power of 130kW.

Expected listing date: mid-2020

According to the official information of Geely Automobile, the first large and medium-sized multi-functional SUV under Geely Automobile code vx11 will be launched in 2020. The upcoming vx11 is a heavy-duty product of Geely Automobile, which will enter the medium and large SUV market after the models of boyue, bingyue and Xingyue. It will fill the gap of Geely in this field and is expected to open up a new blue ocean market.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4835, 1900 and 1780mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2815mm; 7 seat layout is adopted.

In addition, the external configuration of the new car is also very rich, including: all LED matrix, all LED tail lights, LED water steering mirror, ACC + 12 radar, panoramic sunroof, front fog lights, etc.

The new car will be equipped with 1.8T and 1.5T engines with a maximum power of 135kW and 130kW respectively.

Collar 05

Listing date: the first half of 2020

Lingke 05 will be launched in the first half of 2020. While continuing the family design of Lingke, the appearance of the new car will further add bolder and more breakthrough elements. The overall interior style and cash all models are different, more angular line design, sports seats and flat steering wheel to add combat atmosphere.

1. Linker 05 is based on suvcma module architecture, as is currently the 01 and 02 of linker. Whats different is that linker 05 adopts car running SUV body modeling design.

2. The exterior retains part of the highly recognizable family design. The two convex lines and daytime running lights at both ends of the hatch cover are different from the previous linker models.

3. In terms of body size, the length of linker 05 is 4592mm, the width is 1879mm, the height is 1628mm, and the wheelbase is 2734mm.

4. A large area is designed with straight lines and prismatic lines. The encircling cockpit is designed in favor of the main driving side. It is equipped with a D-type three spoke multi-functional steering wheel. For the first time, a gesture touch board is added. The electronic gear lever and a sports gear shift paddle are new designs.

5. It adopts the design of through concealed air outlet, the two sides of the central control panel are made of imported real aluminum decorative plates, with laser pattern technology and bucket seats made of nappa leather and Nubuck suede.

6. According to the information previously declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology, linker 05 will be equipped with 1.5T engine (132kw), while 2.0T engine has two adjustments (140kW / 175kW), the whole system is matched with the 8-speed automatic gearbox of Aisin, and some models are equipped with four-wheel drive system.

Collar 06

Expected listing date: within 2020

According to the application information of the 327th batch issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the peoples Republic of China, Lingke 06, a brand new model of Lingke, is officially declared. The new size is a compact SUV (wheelbase 2640mm), equipped with a 1.5T engine and a 1.5T plug-in mixing system.

u2191 1.5T model, u2193 1.5T plug-in hybrid model

1. Body size is smaller than neck 01

The length, width and height of linker 06 are 4340, 1820 and 1625mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640mm.

2. The appearance is close to linker 05

The appearance of linker 06 continues to be designed in a family style, with the overall contour similar to that of Geely bingyue. The details of linker 05 are also used for reference, such as: China Grid black trim strip, C-pillar black trim strip, horizontally arranged vertical LED tail light, two-way exhaust (hidden in fuel version and double out in plug-in and mixed version).

3. Predictable external configuration

Linker 06 provides 17 / 18 / 19 inch wheels, fog lights, fog lamp decorative covers, reversing radar, parking camera, ACC adaptive cruise, panoramic sunroof and other equipment of different shapes for selection.

Options for 1.5T models, u2193 1.5T mixed models

Link 06 fuel oil version: with 1.5T three cylinder engine, the maximum power is 177 HP, peak torque is 265 nm, matching with 7-speed double clutch gearbox;

Link 06phev: a power system composed of a 1.5T three cylinder engine and an electric motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 177 HP, the peak torque is 265 n u00b7 m, and it is matched with a ternary lithium battery pack.

Kai wing

As another brand-new model of Kaiyi, dazzle has officially come off the production line at Kaiyi automobile intelligent factory in Yibin. The new compact SUV will be available in the first half of 2020.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the design language of triumphal wing. The design inspiration of the front grille is from the middle letter W of the English Cowin of Kaiyi. With the three section air inlet below and the rib lines of the upper engine compartment cover, it creates a powerful front face style.

The left and right headlights are designed with embedded interior fumigation, and equipped with five diffused wheels. Meanwhile, the tail lights are equipped with through chrome plated decorative strips and LED light belt elements.

The side is designed with segmented waistline, the AB columns of the vehicle are designed with fumigation, the tail lamp is designed with penetration, and the lower part is equipped with silver diffuser.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior center control system of the new car adopts a horizontal design with many sharp edges and corners. It is equipped with two 10.25 inch high-resolution high-definition capacitive screens, which can realize the multi screen linkage between the center control screen and the liquid crystal instrument. It supports 1080p high-definition video playback, navigation projection, multimedia information, multiple sets of theme switching and other functions, which improves the convenience of driver information processing and driving Fun.

In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with the current popular wireless fast charging function of mobile phone. With Qi certification wireless fast charging technology, the car owner can charge the mobile phone by placing it in the charging slot, which can get rid of the complexity that traditional charging must have an interface and carry data line, power head and other accessories. In addition, kaiyixuan car wireless charging supports Android 15W fast charging and IOS 7.5W fast charging.

According to the official interpretation, the word dazzle means cool, colorful and true self, while the word boundary means the world, boundary and boundless tide, which means young and true self is colorful and infinite; the English name showjet is a combination of show + jet, which conveys a young and colorful youth posture.

From this model, we can see that it has a more obvious improvement than the previous products of keywing, and it is also closer to the needs of young consumers in terms of youth and intelligence. How competitive is this model? We should also observe the performance of power, price and other aspects announced later.

Changan S202

Expected listing date: within 2020

Recently, Changan Automobile officially released the trailer and spy photos of the new SUV. The new car code is S202. According to relevant channel information, Changan S202 will be launched at the 2020 Geneva auto show.

1. Distinctive design

The exterior design of the new model S202 is the biggest concern. Changan intends to expose a lot of body details in advance to show the difference between the new car and the Changan model on sale. For example, the front grille and body waistline with beautiful curved surface, dot matrix middle net with lock sub-A type, slender headlight (or daytime running light), raised engine compartment cover rib line, hidden door handle, dovetail roof spoiler, 3D three-dimensional LED tail light group, star awn aluminum alloy wheel rim, etc. According to the previous spy photos of the whole vehicle, we have mapped the partial picture with it, as shown in the following figure u2193

2. Sliding back roof of car running SUV

The roof line of the new car starts to slide after passing the B-pillar, supplemented by the design of double waist line. The sports atmosphere is well built, but the car is different from the traditional car running SUV back sliding design.

3. Body size estimation

According to the comparison between the test vehicle in spy photos and other vehicles in the environment, it is speculated that the new vehicle is about 4.4m long and will be positioned at the compact SUV level.

4. Model power speculation

According to the current power assembly of Changan Automobile, the new car is expected to adopt a new blue whale 1.5T engine and a blue whale 2.0T engine.

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Expected listing date: within 2020

On December 11 last year, Mercedes Benzs new generation of GLA was launched in the world. The new car is built on the mfa2 platform and adopts a new design style. The interior has a sense of luxury and technology. In terms of power, it is equipped with 1.3t and 2.0T engines, which will be sold in the European market before the spring of 2020. The domestic version will be introduced later.


u00b7The front face adopts the latest family design language of Mercedes Benz. The interior of the large-scale front grille is composed of transverse trim strips and star lattice trim blocks, with a large star logo.

u00b7The new generation of GLA will provide two appearance kits for consumers to choose from, including the regular version and the sports Version (AMG line), which are different in detail design.

u00b7The length, width and height are 4410 / 1834 / 1611mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2729mm, and the side is more round. The C-pillar triangle window is a newly added design, surrounded by black and matched with large-size wheel rim.

u00b7The rear of the car has a strong sense of three-dimensional, the tail lamp group adopts a similar triangle design, with a double ring LED light belt inside, and the chrome exhaust is matched with two-way two-way exhaust.

u00b7The interior design adopts the latest generation style, and the surround design creates an open space with a sense of future. The dashboard is decorated with metal and wood decorative plates, and the latest multi-functional steering wheel has a double thumb control function.

u00b7The flying wing shape instrument panel does not use a sunshade, two 10.25 inch LCD screens are still the finishing touch, the right screen also realizes the touch function for the first time, and the air outlet is still the aircraft turbine shape.

u00b7Equipped with mbux intelligent human-computer interaction system, it can learn continuously through artificial intelligence, recommend the favorite radio station or song according to users habits, or recommend and automatically open the frequently used navigation path.

The wheelbase increased to improve the rear leg space. In addition, the new GLA can also be adjusted back and forth, with the adjustment range of 14cm, further improving the flexibility of the space.


u00b7Equipped with 1.3t/2.0t engine, the maximum power is 163 HP and 224 HP respectively, the peak torque is 250 n u00b7 m and 350 n u00b7 m, matched with 7-speed / 8-speed dual clutch gearbox, and the high configuration model also provides 4matic four-wheel drive system.

u00b7As a high-performance version, the new car adopts the panamericana straight waterfall AMG front grille on the basis of AMG line suite model. The side view shows that the body posture is lower, and the rear of the car is equipped with two-way two-way circular exhaust holes.

u00b7On the basis of the new GLA, the interior is equipped with an integrated sports seat, with four-point seat belt opening, AMG exclusive flat bottom multi-functional steering wheel and mbux car engine system, in addition, the rear seats can be placed in proportion.

u00b7In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum output power of 306 horsepower, matched with an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox and a standard 4matic four-wheel drive system. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is only 5.1 seconds.

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Ruihu 7 / Ruihu 7pro

Expected listing date: February 18, 2020

Recently, Cherys new generation of Ruihu 7 / Ruihu 7pro officially released the pre-sale price. The range of eight models is 86900-145900. New cars are expected to be launched on February 18, 2020. The first 10000 pre purchased car owners will enjoy three-year interest free financial personal loan purchase, five-year 10 free basic maintenance, life-long free road rescue and life-long lion lion smart cloud system foundation Free basic flow, 7000 yuan subsidy for replacement purchase, 2999 yuan high-quality solar film / air purifier for purchase, 777 yuan red bag for purchase in official shopping mall, 10 years or 1 million kilometers extra long extension of engine for purchase, etc.