The tragedy happened when a man wandered in the Jianghu set up a stall at the age of 17 and bought a Mercedes Benz at the age of 19 and 25

 The tragedy happened when a man wandered in the Jianghu set up a stall at the age of 17 and bought a Mercedes Benz at the age of 19 and 25

Luo was born in a peasant family. When his family split, his father, Luo Jiafu, was almost destitute. Luo Jiafu saved money to let his son read a technical secondary school. He thought his son Luo would come out and have a meal, but he didnt expect that his son would become a small boss.

After graduating from secondary school, Luo worked for two years. Knowing that he couldnt compare with the college students in the factory, he quit his job and wandered in the Jianghu.

Seeing someone selling toys in the scenic spot, Luo saw the business opportunity and found a partner. In just a few months, Luo got the first bucket of gold, and then turned over to be a serf master.

At the age of 19, Luo bought the first Benz in his life. Three years later, he opened a toy factory in Guangdong. The larger the factory is, the more 60 workers will be on the assembly line.

Luos management factory also has a set. He divides the production line into line a and line B. line a is the piece by piece settlement method, and line B is the time based settlement method. It depends on the wishes of the workers.

It should have been an inspirational story. However, Luos fate was completely changed by a reporter.

In September 2019, someone reported to the economic investigation branch of Jingan Public Security Bureau: there were a large number of people selling fake flying toys with the image of little yellow man on the Internet, and the reporter was the staff of the Shanghai Branch of Universal Pictures.

Subsequently, the police set up a task force to investigate the case. Through logistics information and bank flow, the police have identified three suspicious cities, the first one to bear the brunt is Shantou, Guangdong Province.

Then, through the bank account associated with the online shopping mall, a Hunan man came into the sight of the police, and this person, is 25-year-old Luo.

It turns out that the fake little yellow man image induction aircraft toys mentioned by the reporter came from a factory in Luomou.

For some time, due to the popularity of Xiaohuang, a large number of Xiaohuang aircraft toys are produced in Luomou factory. It is understood that the daily production of the factory is about 10000 pieces. After the toys are assembled, they are transported to Dongyang, packed by luojiafu and others, and then sent to Yiwu for wholesale and sales.

Until one day, such a rough production, no quality inspection toys fell into the hands of a mother - she found that the rough workmanship of toys, they complained to Universal Pictures Shanghai company, which opened the infringement investigation.

At present, Luo and other 12 suspects have been arrested by the peoples Procuratorate of Jingan District, and will be prosecuted for copyright infringement.

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