Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council to determine measures to promote stable growth of manufacturing industry

 Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council to determine measures to promote stable growth of manufacturing industry

Better guarantee quality and safety and promote industrial development through regulation on supervision and administration of cosmetics (Draft)

The meeting pointed out that, in order to implement the spirit of the central economic work conference and keep the economic operation in a reasonable range, the manufacturing industry has a fundamental supporting role. We need to use reform and marketization measures to fully stimulate the vitality of market players, enhance the momentum of development, and promote stable growth of the manufacturing industry. First, we need to promote reform and innovation. We will vigorously improve the business environment and continue to implement tax reduction and fee reduction measures focusing on manufacturing. We will push forward the reduction of the cost of electricity used by manufacturing industries and the telecommunications charges of enterprises, and open all industrial enterprises above Designated Size to participate in electricity market-oriented transactions. We will guide financial institutions to innovate ways to ease the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. We will implement differentiated credit policies, encourage more medium-term and long-term loans to the manufacturing industry, and more focus on equity investment and bond financing. We will increase the protection of property rights and intellectual property rights. Second, we should vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, introduce new infrastructure investment support policies such as information networks, and promote intelligent and green manufacturing. We will give better play to the role of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in manufacturing investment, encourage enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, use advanced and applicable technologies to upgrade traditional industries, promote the application of major innovative technologies and products, enhance industrial basic capabilities, grow new driving forces, and increase labor productivity. Third, we need to expand the opening up of the manufacturing industry. Remove all kinds of obstacles that affect the implementation of the opening policy of manufacturing industry, and encourage enterprises to participate in competition and cooperation in the international market. We will improve policies on planning, land use, sea use and energy consumption, and push forward the implementation and production of major domestic and foreign-funded projects in the manufacturing industry as soon as possible. We will encourage and support the central and western regions and the northeast region to make greater efforts to undertake industrial transfer and attract foreign investment. Fourth, we need to tap the potential of domestic demand. We will improve measures to promote the reform and development of the automobile industry. We will increase the variety, quality and brand of industrial products to meet domestic demand, and enrich consumer choice.

The meeting identified measures to accelerate the capacity-building of service outsourcing and promote transformation and upgrading. First, we should use information technology to promote service +, adhere to the principle of inclusiveness and prudence, and support the development of new models such as crowdsourcing, cloud outsourcing, platform subcontracting and new formats such as service-oriented manufacturing. To enhance the competitiveness of pharmaceutical R & D, design, accounting, law and other fields to undertake service outsourcing, and to improve the ability of receiving orders and the level of presentation. Second, we will deepen the reform of deregulation services in the field of service outsourcing. Gradually bring service outsourcing into the single window of international trade. We will carry out a pilot bonded supervision on imported materials and parts required for service export in the R & D, design, testing, maintenance and other industries of service outsourcing demonstration cities. Third, we will expand the pilot experience and practice of opening up the service industry to more regions, revise the directory of guidance for key development areas of service outsourcing industry, deepen the opening up of service outsourcing industry, promote the transformation and upgrading to high value-added business, and provide more jobs for young people, especially college students.

The meeting passed the regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics (Draft), which stipulated that the registration and filing management of cosmetics products and raw materials should be carried out respectively according to the risk level and simplified the process according to the requirements of both release and management. The supervision measures should be improved to clarify the main responsibility of enterprises for the quality and safety of cosmetics, increase the illegal punishment, greatly increase the amount of fines, and increase the penalties for the relevant responsible persons To promote the development of cosmetics and beauty industry with guaranteed quality and safety and loved by consumers.

Other matters were also examined.