Iranian general killed: tens of thousands of Iranians protesting the burning of American flag

 Iranian general killed: tens of thousands of Iranians protesting the burning of American flag

Overseas network, January 4, local time, January 3, the U.S. military in Baghdad, Iraq, two targets related to Iran, causing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard subordinate Holy City Brigade commander Kasim Sulaimani was killed. The U.S. Defense Department later confirmed the attack, which was personally ordered by President trump. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets to mourn suleymani and protest against the United States. Others tore and burned the American flag.

According to AFP and Al Jazeera, after the attack, Khamenei, Irans supreme leader, paid homage to Sulaimani, called him martyr, promised to carry out severe retaliation and declared three days of mourning for Sulaimani.

People mourn Sulaimani (source: Reuters)

Irans president, Mahmoud Rouhani, said Iran would be more determined to resist the United States, there is no doubt that Iran and other countries in the region seeking freedom will avenge him (Sulaimani).. Irans Foreign Minister Ali Zarif accused the United States of international terrorism.

After Sulaimani was killed in the attack, Iran appointed esmail qaani as the new chief of the Holy City Brigade, AFP reported Wednesday.

Sulaimani portrait on protesters clothes (source: European news agency)

In response to the attack, the U.S. Defense Department said trump approved the drone attack on Sulaimani in Baghdad, saying the decision was to prevent future attacks by Iran.. According to the US media, the move has increased tensions in Iraq and put the US in an offensive posture in the region.

Protesters (source: Guardian)

The US embassy in Iraq issued a warning Wednesday urging us citizens to leave Iraq immediately, AFP reported. It is worth mentioning that the Third World War and other key words have also been on the foreign media hot search.

Protesters tear up the American flag (source: Guardian)

In the early morning of the 3rd us time, US President trump tweeted, Iran has never won a war, but has never lost a negotiation!

Source: Reuters

Kassim Sulaimani, a senior military adviser and policy adviser to major general and supreme leader of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, was once commander of the Holy City Brigade of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard. He is mainly responsible for reviewing Irans training and support for all anti Israel forces, and controlling the delivery of military materials to Syria, with military, diplomatic, intelligence and other powers. He once directed the anti American war in Iraq and was suspected of sending people to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. His action affected the situation in the Middle East and was known as Irans spy king.

Protesters hold photos of Sulaimani (source: Reuters)

In addition to Sulaimani, the attack also killed Abu Mehdi muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia group peoples mobilization. A spokesman for the peoples mobilization organization said Wednesday that the United States and Israel should be responsible for this.

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