Before mens online love, female colleagues found something wrong when they talked about marriage

 Before mens online love, female colleagues found something wrong when they talked about marriage

Men fell in love with former female colleagues on the Internet, but found something wrong when they were talking about marriage: they were called husbands at that time (source: ~)

Now some young people are keen on finding and falling in love on the Internet, but in this virtual online world, they should be careful and polish their eyes.

Mr. Li, from Yanliang District, Xian, Shaanxi Province, inadvertently contacted her former female colleague Ms. Zhang in a wechat group some time ago, which made her lucky. The relationship soon developed into a hot love period of marriage.

The relationship between the two has been further improved. Ms. Zhang said that her family would come to discuss their marriage. For fear that Mr. Li would cheat her and ask Mr. Li to give her some money. Mr. Li successively transferred over 16000 yuan to Ms. Zhang via wechat.

However, Mr. Li lost contact immediately after the transfer. I didnt feel right. Mr. Li hurriedly reported the case to Yanliang Guanshan police station. The police soon found this Ms. Zhang on wechat, but the investigation was not so simple.

Police found that Ms. Zhang had not used the wechat for two or three years, so she asked her husband to help her find the wechat. After her husband got back her wechat, he felt that he could use his wifes wechat to cheat others.

After careful investigation, the police found that Ms. Zhangs own husband was the girlfriend of the Internet. Liu Mou, a 25-year-old from Yulin. So the police summoned Liu to the case by phone. Unexpectedly, Liu even uttered a bluster. Said to the police: come and catch me.

So the police drove to Qingjian County, Yulin, and arrested Liu Mou, the suspect. When Liu Mou arrived at the case, he truthfully confessed the fact that he pretended to be his wife and defrauded Mr. Li.

When Mr. Li, who was cheated, knew that the soft and beautiful woman who fell in love with him online was a man with a height of one meter eight and a weight of 230 Jin, he was embarrassed and helpless.

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