Womens bar intimate with netizens mysterious man took the opportunity to wipe 3 people together

 Womens bar intimate with netizens mysterious man took the opportunity to wipe 3 people together

I want to take you home

In that late night bar

Whether its true or not

Please swing

Forget about lata

You are the most charming

A days work is not easy to finish

Its evening for young people now

Like to go to the bar and have a drink with friends

Come to the left and draw a dragon with me

Draw a rainbow on your right


Little Liu and his friends invite to have a party in the bar

Back to the house after the game

She found her cell phone was stolen

She called the police immediately

The police then transferred the bar control

But in front of us

It really surprised Xiao Liu

u25b2 the man kisses the victims face without the victims knowledge

Liu was surprised to find that the thief in the monitoring was not someone else. It was a man who had a drink with himself at the same table in the evening. What he didnt expect was that the man stretched his hand to her hip while he was intimate with the netizen.

After that, the man took the opportunity to search the bag again. After finding that Xiao Liu had no money in the bag, he felt her again and finally stole her mobile phone from Xiao Lius pants pocket.

Men steal mobile phones

My God, its really him who stole it. He also held out his hand to me. Its disgusting. Xiao Liu was furious after watching the surveillance.

Immediately, Xiao Liu and his friends found the man. In front of the evidence, Zhang returned the stolen mobile phone.

At eleven oclock, some friends sent me back. When I got to my place of residence, I found that my cell phone was missing. At that time, the man who stole my cell phone was also at the scene. He said that he didnt see his cell phone. He was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. The victim Xiao Liu told reporters.

At present, Zhang is suspected of theft and has been detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law.

The suspect said that when he went out with the woman, he wanted to wipe up the money, and then saw the victims mobile phone connected to the charging treasure, so he started. Liao Zhuo, a police officer at Pozi Street police station, reminded the female citizens to avoid drinking with strange men as much as possible, and to take good care of their valuables when they go out.

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