Israel is nervous after Iran vowed revenge: the military is on high alert

 Israel is nervous after Iran vowed revenge: the military is on high alert

Trump ordered an air strike on Baghdad airport, killing several key figures including Qassem soleimani, commander of Irans elite Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al muhandis, deputy head of Iran backed Shiite militia PMF, Reuters reported Wednesday. After the incident, the Iranian side spoke out intensively, denouncing the U.S. practices, and vowed to carry out severe retaliation.

In response, Israel, a close ally of the United States in the Middle East, did not respond publicly. However, the Israeli side was really nervous because of this, and the Israeli Defense Minister convened the military and security leaders of his country to Tel Aviv on Friday for a meeting. Israels military radio said the army was on high alert.

Iran has threatened retaliation, while Israel fears it could hurt itself. Iran may launch attacks on Israel through its regional allies, including Hezbollah in Lebanon, supported by Iran, and the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

According to Ron Ben Yishai, a commentator at yenet, an Israeli news agency, they (Iran) will wait until the right time to carry out precise retaliation, and may fire on Israeli territory through the Shiite militia in Syria, or attack from Gaza.

Source: Reuters

Hamas in Gaza, which has been receiving economic and military support from Tehran, strongly condemned Sulaimanis death and expressed deep sympathy to Iran. On twitter, Hamas official Bassem Naim wrote that the assassination opened the door to all possibilities in the region, except peace and stability.. And the United States is responsible.

In this case, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is visiting Greece, will return to Israel in advance from Athens to confirm the security situation in the country after suleymani was killed, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. Naftali Bennett, Israels defense minister, convened a number of senior commanders Friday morning for a formal assessment..

On January 3, Bennett and several commanders met for an assessment format

Reuters said Israel has long seen Sulaimani as a major threat. Last August, the Israeli military said it had thwarted an Al Quds attack, led by Sulaimani, involving multiple drones from Syria. Israel also accused Sulaimani of leading the Al Quds forces in their efforts to build precision guided missile projects for Hezbollah.

Israeli media commentators said the ministers of Netanyahus right-wing coalition government were asked not to speak out about Sulaimanis death. The goal is clear: dont let Israel get into unnecessary trouble, and try to keep the external information consistent as much as possible. Said Dana Weiss, chief political analyst for Israel channel 12.

But Yair Lapid, an Israeli opposition lawmaker, has tweeted congratulations to trump for killing the leader responsible for a series of terrorist acts.

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