Iran appointed its deputy as new Commander after suleymani was killed by US forces

 Iran appointed its deputy as new Commander after suleymani was killed by US forces

Irans top leader, Ali Khamenei, has appointed brigadier general esmaeil qaani as the new commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, according to Fars news agency. Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard agency said Kayani was Sulaimanis deputy.

After Sulaimani was killed in the air raid, Khamenei once said that severe revenge was waiting for the criminal who killed Sulaimani. Ramizan Sharif, spokesman for Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, said the United States and Israel would be severely punished for killing Sulaimani. According to the BBC, Khamenei is currently attending a meeting of Irans National Security Council. Iranian media said the meeting would take a decision..

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that we extend sincere condolences to the Iranian people. Russias foreign ministry said Sulaimani has been loyal to defend Irans national interests. It is reckless for the United States to launch an attack and kill suleymani, which will lead to increased tension in the whole region.

According to BBC news, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab also said in a statement on the same day: we have always recognized the aggressive threat posed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Al Quds led by Sulaimani, and urged all parties to ease tensions, saying that further conflicts are not in the interests of all parties. However, the statement did not respond to Sky Newss previous report that the British army had strengthened its security and preparedness in the area after Sulaimanis death. The mod has not confirmed the report so far.

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