Major general of Iran killed by US Army protesters chanting America to die

 Major general of Iran killed by US Army protesters chanting America to die

Screenshot of France 24

In Tehran, many protesters also held high photos of solemane. Source: Bloomberg

[global network report] according to the latest news of Frances 24 news, thousands of Iranian people took to the streets of the capital Tehran on the 3rd local time to protest against the killing of an Iranian senior military commander by the United States in Baghdad.

French radio 24 said protesters chanted slogans such as America to die and held posters of major general Kasim solamani, the commander of the Holy City Brigade of the special forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, who had lost his life. According to the report, the protesters crowded several blocks of streets in central Tehran on the same day.

Russian satellite network quoted Kremlin sources as saying that Russian and French leaders agreed in telephone talks that the attack on solemane may cause extreme deterioration of the situation in the region.

Several foreign media reported that in the early hours of the 3rd local time, Abu Mahdi mohammadis, commander of the Iraqi paramilitary organization, and Qasim solamani, commander of the Holy City Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, were attacked by three rockets, and several people, including the two, were killed. The U.S. Defense Department confirmed that the United States carried out air strikes on two Iranian related targets in Baghdad on the same day. Later, several Iranian leaders, including Irans supreme leader Khamenei, President Rouhani and foreign minister Zarif, denounced the U.S. action and threatened retaliation.

Who is Sulaimani, Irans military God who ordered trump to behead?

In the early morning of January 3, there was an explosion at Baghdad International Airport. For Iraqis, the explosion is a common thing, and no one cares about the magnitude of it. In the initial news released by the Iraqi military, it said that eight people were killed as a result of rocket attacks on the airport, including peoples mobilization organizations.

But then came the news more and more big, this is not a simple random unguided rocket attack, but a precise fixed-point clearance operation.

On the one hand, the U.S. government, and on the other hand, Irans military is the target.

The U.S. military used the assassins mace MQ-9 drone, and the Hellfire missile hit two vehicles. The major general of the target Iraqi army and commander of the Holy City Brigade, kassim Sulaimani, was killed.

The order for the assassination came from President trump, and the U.S. Department of Defense said in a subsequent statement that it was a decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel stationed abroad..