Crazy Tu! Shenzhen ends 4 consecutive wins over Beikong, 29 points, Sun Yue 3 points, 6 middle 1

 Crazy Tu! Shenzhen ends 4 consecutive wins over Beikong, 29 points, Sun Yue 3 points, 6 middle 1

Shenzhen: byx 29 points, 5 boards, 6 helpers, Lu Yiwen 13 points, Shen Zijie 12 points, 5 boards, 4 helpers, 5 hats, Li muhao 10 points, 6 boards, Martin 14 points, 9 boards, he Xining 14 points, 6 boards;

North control: Fuge 14:7 board 6 help, sonny 6:12 board 2 help, Sun Yue 12:4 board, Zhang Fan 9 points, Xu Mengjun 12 points.

At the beginning of the game, the two sides raced three points each other, Wang Shaojie and Sonny hit the mid-range shot in a row, while in Shenzhen, they scored by baix in a row, Lu Yiwen scored two three-point shots in a row, Wang Shaojie and Zhang Fan scored by color, baix and Li muhao scored in a row, Sun Yue hit three-point shots by outpost, Martin got the layup, and Shenzhen ended the first quarter 25-21 ahead.

On the second quarter, Zhang Fan and Xu Mengjun scored in a row, including four penalties, Gu Quan and Shen Zijie scored in a row, Martin and Xu Mengjun hit three points, Fuge, sun Tonglin and Zhang Fan scored in a row, and Shenzhen asked for suspension. After a pause, Shen Zijie, Martin, he Xining and baix scored in a row. Shenzhen scored 8-0, Fuge scored 3 points. Sun Yue scored 3 points after Li muhao scored. Shenzhen fell 46-49 and ended the first half.

Yi Di fought again. After Li muhao scored, bykes even scored 7 points. After he Xining scored 3 points, bykes hit the basket and Shenzhen hit a 14-0 climax. Li muhao fouls a technical foul. Fugue gets the first point in the second half of the second half of the northern control when he hits the free throw. After Sun Yue gets three points, Shenzhen gets another four points. After a pause, Lu Yiwen and he Xining give six points to the West. Sun Yue and Fugue fight back. He Xining and Martin add four points. Shen Zijie and baiks also make money. Shenzhen 81-58 enters the final stage.

In the last quarter, Martin scored 5 points in a row, Li muhao and Rong Zifeng added 4 points, and Zong Zan scored another 4 points in Shenzhen after hitting 3 points, and Northern control suspended. After the suspension, Xu Mengjun made three-point hits, baiks scored continuously, Zong Zan scored under the basket, Rong Zifeng got the layup in a row, Zong Zan and Wang Shaojie got two free throws, Xu Mengjun made a jump shot, Zhao Yiming scored a dunk, and Shenzhen won 106-75.

Starting from both sides:

Shenzhen: Li muhao, Shen Zijie, he Xining, Lu Yiwen, and baix

Beikong: Sonny, Fuge, Wang Zirui, Sun Yue, Wang Shaojie