Breaking the situation 1950 shows the style of grand drama and the feelings of grand historical vision

 Breaking the situation 1950 shows the style of grand drama and the feelings of grand historical vision

The most attractive and special part of the show is that Han Lidong and Liu yue, the CP partners of the winter moth, got their first understanding from a manslaughter. On his way to the task, Han Lidong mistakenly killed the undercover man who was lurking in the place. Comrade Wang Shoucheng, Liu yues fiance, undoubtedly deepened the contradiction of the plot, and made many netizens exclaim, is it so big to play at the beginning? How can we partner with each other? is the plot about to be abused? But the audience who thought they would watch several episodes of heart destroying drama soon welcomed them Reversal. I am a revolutionary fighter, the task is greater than heaven, I accept the arrangement of the organization. the heroine Liu yues words not only express the spiritual belief of anti hero, but also make the audience exclaim: its really CCTV dads play, the rhythm is too fast, the plot of conscience.

Restore history with truth and let the feelings of home and country fall

Zheng Xiaolong, as art director, Su Tings screenwriter and He Taos director, and Miao Pu, he Minghan . As an anti special suspense TV series, the theme of the series has both historical popularity and practical significance. The feelings of home and country and the spirit of characters conveyed in the plot play a good positive role in guiding the market. In China, the literature and art creation about the war history of resisting the U.S. and aiding Korea has never stopped, and the documentary communication, songs and films on related subjects have even become the spiritual memory of several generations. The TV play broken situation 1950 is the latest harvest about this subject. It not only wakes up the national memory, but also provides a new topic for the evaluation of anti hero itself, which is of great and far-reaching significance.

Breaking Bureau 1950 takes the game between the railway police and the enemys special forces as the starting point. Through a series of complicated cases and the destruction of the enemys special forces, it directly reflects the sense of urgency of the situation at that time. The plot develops with high energy and continuous reversal, and Han Lidongs humor is timely adjusted. Zhang Chi has a certain rhythm of the drama, so that the audience can experience the era of beacon fire and get physical and mental relaxation at the same time. Tonight, Donge CP will continue to solve the puzzle. What kind of clues will be left in the bed photo of Han Lidong and the female spy? On the other hand, will the appearance of the lone wolf overturn the current situation? What kind of wonderful game will be launched around the secret Arsenal in the hands of the lone wolf?